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Baba Shri Manohar Das ji, the Pride of the Spiritual World-XXV

A gentleman by the name of Bajpai ji used to daily pass by, very close to the place where Baba was staying. Unable to see the miserable condition of Baba he urged, “You come along to my house. I will arrange to get the best of medical treatments for you.” Instantly Baba replied, “ I will not go anywhere without taking permission of the saint in whose shelter I am staying here.”

Shri Manohar Baba

When Bajpai ji went to ask Tatiya Baba for approval, he was furious and fumed, “ No! He is not going anywhere.” Three to four more days passed by in this fashion. Bajpai ji came to Baba once again and insisted, “You come along with me for just a couple of hours. We will get your massage done and bring you back today itself.” Baba stuck to his stance, “ You will have to take Tatiya Baba's assent for this exercise as well.”

Once again when Bajpai ji pleaded to Tatiya Baba for letting Baba, go he responded, “Okay, you can take him but see to it that you get him back by the evening.” Bajpai ji took Baba home and had this oil massage done. He made him drink hot milk to which arsenicum and pure ghee had been added. With this remedy Baba was quite relieved. In the evening when Baba asked Bajpai ji to take him back to his place, he instinctively said that until Baba recouped completely, he would not let him go anywhere.

Lord Krishna's Grace

Overwhelmed by God's spontaneous grace, Manohar Baba kept quiet. Bajpai ji was a petition writer and his wife was known for her devotion in serving a person. Baba would keep lying down in the verandah outside their house. Bajpai ji's wife would move the platter of food towards him under cover of her ghunghat (the end of a sari used by a woman to hide the face, a social custom.) Baba would have the meal, in silence. One fine day she asked Baba, “ You keep lying down quietly, the whole day long. Baba you neither utter a word to anyone nor go anyplace. How are you able to pass your time?”

Lady With Ghunghat

Baba replied soon enough, “Mataji! I am used to this lifestyle.” As soon as Baba said this, she unveiled her face and standing in front of Baba, exulted, “You have called me Mataji (a respectful term of address, meaning mother) therefore I will not let you lie outside the house, as of now.” Soon enough she took Baba inside the residence and began attending to his needs, as if he were a child. Bajpai ji also looked after Baba with dedicated devotion. Invariably he would coax Baba, “ At least once in a while you must state your preference as to what you would like to eat. Baba refused saying, “Whatever is cooked at your place is really good because there is a lot of sweetness in it.”

During his stay, revered Manohar Baba would often contemplate that several days had passed by since his lying down idly at Bajpai ji's residence. It was not correct to excessively burden this virtuous married couple, living a domestic life. Consequently when Baba expressed his desire to go from there, Bajpai ji wept inconsolably. He explained, “ Baba you are worried about my financial condition.” (Page 375 of 'Smriti Kaumudi',the memoirs of Shri Manohar Baba)

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