Friday, April 8, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Aarti of Shri Ram [48]

Raag Ramkali

The Aarti of Shri Ram

harti sab aartee aartee raamkee |

dahan dukh-dosh, nirmoolinee kaamkee ||1||

surabh saaurabh dhoop deepbar maalikaa |

udhat agh-bihang suni taal kartaalikaa ||2||

bhakt-hridi-bhavan, agyan-tam haarinee |

bimal bigyaanmay tej-bistaarinee ||3||

moh-mad-koh-kali-kanj-himjaaminee |

muktikee dootikaa, deh-duti daaminee ||4||

pranat-jan-kumud-ban-indu-kar-jaalikaa |

tulsi abhimaan-mahishes bahu kaalikaa ||5||

The Worship of Shri Ram & Sita

The *aarti of Shri Ram annihilates all the painful afflictions, burns sorrows and sins, and ravages desire from its very roots||1||

It is a garland of beautiful fragrant incense

and the best of lighted lamps.

Hearing the sound of clapping hands during the specific time of aarti, the bird of sins instantly flies away ||2||

Shri Ram's Aarti Spreads the Light of Spiritual Knowledge

This aarti destroys the darkness of ignorance dwelling in the abode of devotees' hearts and spreads the bright light of pure knowledge||3||

Kaliyuga, the Age of Spiritual Darkness

It is a cold winter night for devastating infatuation, intoxication and anger, the lotuses of Kaliyuga; is a love-messenger for helping us meet the nayika of mukti (salvation); and the sparkling flash of its body is like lightening ||4||

A Water Lily

The aarti is a garland of moonbeams for the blossoming of water-lily thickets of bhaktas who have taken refuge.

Goddess Durga Killing Mahishasur

And is equivalent to several Durga Goddesses for crushing the Mahishasur of Tulsidas's arrogance ||5||

aarti: a ceremony performed in worshipping a god:a dish holding a lamp, burning ghi, incence or other articles is moved in a series of circles in front of the idol.

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