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Pearl 24

Lord S'iva Saved from Vrikâsura

The pearl lucidly documents an amazing feat by Lord Krishna in Mithila where He ventures accompanied by great sages. Reiterating Lord Krishna’s deep respect for Brahmins, the section reveals Naradji affirmation that worshipping the Lord frees one from illusion and fear. Towards the end we have on record the terrifying tale of demon Vikrasur who tried to kill Lord Shiva.

Chapter 86, verses13-59: There is a reference to Lord Krishna visiting Mithila within the kingdom of Videha. He calls upon Shrutdev, a first-class Brahmin, rendering unalloyed devotional service to Lord Krishna. He visits King Bahulasva, ruler of Videha and descendant of the Mithila dynasty. (Mithila is the birthplace of Sitaji.) Both of them are great devotees. Lord Krishna performs an amazing leela here, He calls upon the Brahmin's home along with the King's palace simultaneously in two forms with both of them being totally unaware of this miraculous feat! “He simultaneously went to both homes, and neither could see Him entering the other's house.”

Verses 27-29: Amongst other offerings the King also donates cows popularly known as Gaudaan, beautifully explained in this draft. “Then he worshiped all those great lords by offering them fragrant sandalwood paste, flower garlands, fine clothing and ornaments, incense, lamps, arghya and cows and bulls.”

Verses 53-57: In this section once again Lord Krishna makes His obeisance to Brahmins, confirming that they are extremely dear to Him. “Even My own four-armed form is no dearer to Me than a brahmana. Within himself a learned brahmana comprises all the Vedas, just as within Myself I comprise all the demigods.”

Chapter 86, verse18: Coupled with Lord Krishna, a flock of learned Acharyas also venture to Mithila. “Among these sages were Narada, Vamadeva, Atri, Kṛṣṇa-dvaipāyana Vyāsa, Paraśurāma, Asita, Aruṇi, myself, Bṛhaspati, Kaṇva, Maitreya and Cyavana.” During the course of king Yudhistarji's famous Rajsuya Yagna almost the same sages were present as the ones mentioned here which include Vedvyasji, writer of ‘Bhagavatam,’ and Bhardwaj Muni. Renowned sages namely Vasistha, Parshuram, Cyavana and Kashyap were also part of the entourage.

The next chapter 87 is rife with eulogies by the Vedas, raving about Lord Krishna.

Chapter 87, verse 50: We have Narada relating to Vyasa of what He had heard from Narayana Rishi, “He is the Lord who eternally watches over this universe, who exists before, during and after its manifestation. He is the master of both the unmanifest material energy and the spirit soul. After sending forth the creation He enters within it, accompanying each living entity. There He creates the material bodies and then remains as their regulator. By surrendering to Him one can escape the embrace of illusion, just as a dreaming person forgets his own body. One who wants liberation from fear should constantly meditate upon Him, Lord Hari who is always on the platform of perfection and thus never subject to material birth.”

The subsequent chapter 88 with its celestial Sri Krishna and Shiva dialogue has already been covered. In this section Vikrasur, the demon, demands Lord Shiva for a boon.

Chapter 88, Verse21: Demon Vrikasura asks of Lord Shiva, "May death come to whomever I touch upon the head with my hand.” He is granted the boon because having taken pieces of his own flesh He had offered as oblations into the sacred fire which is Lord Shiva mouth at Kedarnath.

Verse23: To test Shambu’s benediction the demon tries to put his hand on Lord Shiva’s head. Trembling with fear Lord Shiva reaches Vaikuntha, abode of Lord Narayana, with the demon hounding Him.

Verse33: Lord Narayana instigates Vikrasur to put his hand on his head and see if Lord Shiva had lied. On doing so, he is destroyed in the process.

Chapter 88, verses 38-39:
After this occurrence Lord Narayana assures Girisa or Lord Shiva of his safety. "Just see, O Mahadeva, My lord, how this wicked man has been killed by his own sinful reactions. Indeed, what living being can hope for good fortune if he offends exalted saints, what to speak of offending the lord and spiritual master of the universe?"

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