Tuesday, June 29, 2010

39th & 40th Verses of Shri Hanuman Bahuk

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 39th Verse

Baahuk-subaahu neech leechar-mareech mili,

Munhpeer-ketujaa kurog jaatudhaan haain|

Ram naam japjaag kiyo chahon saanuraag,

Kaal kaise doot bhoot kahaa mere maan haain ||

Sumire sahaaya RamLakhan aakhar douu,

Jinke samooh saake jaagat jahaan haain|

Tulsee sanbhaari Tadhka-sanhaari bhaaree bhat,

Bedhe bargadse banai baanvaan haain ||

Lord Rama in pursuit of demon Marich guised as a golden deer

The base strength of the arms's pain,demon Marich (who had assumed the form of a golden deer and beguiled Rama) of the weak body and the Tadka(wife of the demon Sund and mother of Marich) of facial aches plus others are conspiring with evil rakshasas. I want to do the yagya of chanting the name of Ram with loving tenderness, but are these fiends, equivalent to the messenger of death, in my control?( Absolutely not.)

Doing smarana or recollecting both the alphabets (Ra and M) which are being celebrated the world over, with concentration will certainly help me. Oh Tulsi! You contemplate on the great warrior who slaughtered Tadka. Making her the target of his arrow, he will pierce her (dismiss her from her stand) like a banyan tree.

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 40th Verse

Baalpane soodhe man Ram sanmukh bhayo,

Ramnaam leit maangi khaat tooktaak haaun |

Paryo lokreetimein puneet preeti Ramraaya,

Mohbas baaitho tori tarkitraak haaun ||

Khote-khote aachran aachrat apnaayo,

Anjanikumar sodhyo Rampaani paak haaun

Tulsee gosaaen bhayo bhonrhe din bhooli gayo,

Taako phal paavat nidaan paripaak haaun ||

Ever since childhood I came face to face with Shri Ramchandraji directly.Chanting the name of Ram vocally, I begged for scraps of food and ate them.Thereafter absorbed in conventional norms, I broke off the pristine love I had for the feet of Shri Ramchandraji by quickly jumping into this mundane world (in youth) due to ignorance.

While doing wicked deeds at that point of time, Anjani Kumar (Hanumanji) made me his own and had me reformed at the pure hands of Ramchandraji. Tulsi was acclaimed as a gosain and forgot about the worthless days of the past. Finally he is having to face the consequences of those evil acts in abundance as of today.

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