Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hymn 127

Raag Bihag


The Lotus Feet of Shri Hari

maain jaanee, haripad-rati naaheen | sapanehun nahin biraag man maaheen ||1||

je raghubeer charan anuraage | tinha sab bhog rogsam tyaage ||2||

kaam-bhujang dasat jab jaahee | bishay-neenb katu lagat na taahee ||3||

asmanjas as hriday bichaaree | badhat soch nit nootan bhaaree ||4||

jab kab raam-kripaa dukh jaaee | tulsidaas nahin aan upaaee ||5||

Lord Vishnu, the Supreme Being

I have come to know that I don't have love for Shri Hari's feet because there is no asceticism in my mindset even in my dreams (being detached from desires of the material world is the touchstone which assays our loving affection for the feet of the Supreme Being)||1||

Shri Ram

Those who have loving affection for the feet of Shri Ram have abandoned all sensual enjoyments like a disease.

The Neem Tree

When the snake of passion stings a person, it is only then that the neem (tree) of these sensuous pleasures does not seem bitter to him||3||

Goswami Tulsidas

Reflecting in this fashion there is great uncertainty in my heart as to what should I do? With this very thought a new concern is increasingly weighing on my mind||4||

The Grace of Shri Ram

O Tulsidas! There is no other solution; whenever this sorrow will be dispelled it will only be by the grace of Shri Ram||5||

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