Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pearl 11


Chapter 70: The segment bequeaths to us a nostalgic collage of the daily regime of Lord Krishna. More often than not everyone upholds the view that Lord Rama is Maryada Purushotam.

However if we scan the quotients of its true to life spectrum we find that Lord Krishna’s is an ideal household too:-

Chapter 70,verse 4 : Lord Krishna gets up early in the morning, “ Lord Mādhava would rise during the brahma-muhūrta period and touch water. With a clear mind He would then meditate upon Himself, the single, self-luminous, unequalled and infallible Supreme Truth, known as Brahman,” just as any other human being.

Verse 6: After having a bath, Lord Krishna chants the Gayatri Mantra daily. Soon after performing the entire sequence of prescribed rituals, beginning with worship at dawn, offering oblation into the sacred fire, “Lord Krishna silently chanted the Gayatri mantra.”

Verse7-9: Each day the Lord is shown as worshipping the rising sun and propitiating demigods, sages and forefathers. He would then carefully worship His elders and the Brahmins, offering them peaceful cows with gold-plated horns and pearl necklaces. The Lord diligently gave herds of 13084 cows to learned Brahmins along with linen, deerskin and sesame seeds every day.

Verse12: "He would then look at ghee, a mirror, the cows and bulls, the brāhmaṇas and the demigods and see to it that the members of all the social classes living in the palace and throughout the city were satisfied with gifts. After this He would greet His ministers, gratifying them by fulfilling all their desires."

Verse 13: After first distributing flower garlands, and sandalwood paste to the brāhmaṇas, He would give these gifts to His friends, ministers and wives, and finally He would partake of them Himself. Lord Krishna initially offers everything the Brahmins and devotees and in case anything is left over He uses it individually. He always has a pleasing persona,;His smiling face captivating their minds.

Lord Krishna’s house is symbolic of an ideal household and He cites His own example to sketch a true to life picture of a perfect family wherein one follows the auspicious principles laid down by tradition, with the mind firmly concentrating on the Supreme Lord.

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