Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pearl 20

Lord Krishna Celebrates Poverty

This particular segment in pearl 20 celebrates poverty which ultimately leads one to Lord Krishna, the Supreme Lord. The fact remains that there is no grief as severe as destitution---naahi daridray sum dukh jag mahin as interpreted in the ‘Ramayana.’ On the other hand those who are forced to live a life of penury after having been rich should rather celebrate this reality, in case they are genuine devotees of Lord Krishna! It may sound incredible but it is true.

For references, please go through Shrimad Bhagavatam’s X canto.

A) Chapter 9, verse 23 and chapter10, verses 1-42: The episode deals with the famous story of Ukhal-bandhan or mortal-bondage, Herein Lord Krishna granted redemption to two Yakshas ( Yamlarjun ) as Naradji had cursed them to a tree form because they had become arrogant with the power of money.

B) Chapter 81, verse 37: In this drat the poor Brahmin Sudamaji confirms this particular trait of Lord Krishna towards His devotees. “To a devotee who lacks spiritual insight, the Supreme Lord will not grant the wonderful opulence of this world — kingly power and material assets. Indeed, in His infinite wisdom the unborn Lord well knows how the intoxication of pride can cause the downfall of the wealthy.”

C) Chapter 88, verse 8-9: Herein Lord Krishna openly declares that upon whom I bestow my Grace, I make him poorer day by day so that his mind diverts from the world and is focused on my satsang, kathas and devotees. The process makes him humble and purer for my Darshan.“ If I especially favour someone, I gradually deprive him of his wealth. Then the relatives and friends of such a poverty-stricken man abandon him. In this way he suffers one distress after another. When he becomes frustrated in his attempts to make money and instead befriends My devotees, I bestow My special mercy upon him.”

However, if you are not the ideal devotee and still crave for wealth, Lord Krishna grants it to you. The Devotee may attain Lord Krishna Himself as Rukmaniji did! She who is Goddess Laxmi incarnate, confirms that those who love God, will not only acquire Dharam but Arth, Kaam, Moksha,the four fruits of life as well.. Lord Krishna is likened to the Kalpataroo, giving you whatever you desire.

To exemplify lets go back to the above mentioned A, B and C points once again:

A) After being blessed by Lord Krishna's grace, both trees got back the Yaksa form. Consequently they enjoyed wealth and heaven but now it was coupled with respect to sages like Naradji and other sublime personalities.

B) Since the wife of Sudamaji, a true devotee, yearned for a huge palace and property, both of them got the same but He remained aloof to sensual pleasures. “Thus firmly fixing his determination by means of his spiritual intelligence, Sudama remained absolutely devoted to Lord Krishna, the shelter of all living beings. Free from avarice, he enjoyed, together with his wife, the sense pleasures that had been bestowed upon him, always with the idea of eventually renouncing all sense gratification.”

C) Having acquired Shivji's boon, demon Vrikasur wanted to kidnap Parvatiji and Ravana wanted to abduct Sitaji but Lord Vishnu and Rama saved Them respectively. The incidences endorse the truth that money and power in wrong hands is extremely dangerous. Solely Lord Krishna knows who can digest it humbly and who can not! Milk is good but it is the snake who converts it into poison!

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