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Vinay Patrika: Lakshman Stuti [37]


Shri Lakshman

Laal laadile lakhan, hit haau janke |

sumire sankathaaree, sakal sumangalkaaree,

paalak kripaalu apne panke ||1||

dharnee-dharanhaar bhanjan-bhuvanbhaar,

avtaar saahsee sahasphanke ||

satyasangh satyabrat, param dharamrat,

nirmal karam bachan aru manke ||2||

roopke nidhaan, dhanu-baan paani,

toon kati, mahabeer bidit, jitaaiyaa bade ranke ||

sevak-sukh-daayak, sabal, sab laayak,

gaayak jaankeenaath gunganke ||3||

bhaavte bharatke, sumitra-seetaake dulaare,

chaatak chatur raam syaam ghanke ||

ballabh urmilaake, sulabh snehbas,

dhanee dhan tulseese nirdhanke ||4||

Lovable Lakshman Following Shri Ram

O lovable darling Lakhan ji! You are a well-wisher of bhaktas.The instant one does your smarana or meditates upon you, you get rid of the dire misfortunes which befall us. You do all splendid actions for our well-being, keep your promise and are merciful towards the needy.||1||

Lord Vishnu on Sheshnaag

You are the one who lifts the earth, annihilates the burden of the world, are very brave and an incarnation of Shesh Naag (name of a thousand-headed snake, regarded as the symbol of eternity, on which Visnu sleeps throughout periods of dissolution of the world). You are true to your promise and religious vow, and extremely fond of righteousness. Having a lovingly tender mind, you keep your word and do your karmas (nobly perform your duties) ||2||

Reservoirs of Beauty, Shri Ram & Lakshman with Bows & Arrows

You are a reservoir of beauty, hold the bow and arrow in your hands with a quiver bound around your waist. You are a heroic warrior, renowned the world over ! And you inevitably triumph in several great battles. You grant joy to those who serve you, are very powerful, are gifted in every possible manner and ardently sing the glories of Lord Ram, the husband of Janaki (Sita)||3||

You are loved by Bharat ji (your brother) and very dear to Sumitra (mother of Lakshman), and Sita ji.

Dark-hued Shri Ram

And being an alert chaatak (the pied cuckoo or papiha supposed to live only on rain-drops esp those falling in the autumn asterism of savan ) of the dark-hued cloud of Shri Ram, you are the husband of Urmila ji.

Goswami Tulsidas

Easily attainable by love, you are very magnanimous in granting the wealth of religious devotion for Lord Ram to a pauper like Tulsi.

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