Monday, May 5, 2008

Srimad Bhagavatam: Pearl 2

Raas-panchadhyaya is the title given to this compilation of five chapters 29-33 which reveal the search of the impassioned soul for union with Lord Krishna. Starting with the gopis' tryst with Lord Krishna for the raas, going on to their search for Krishna, followed by the songs of separation,coupled with the gopis reunion with Lord Krishna, culminating with the rapturous Raas Dance. Anyone who hears or describes the above sections will attain the Lord's dedicated devotion and conquer lust.

Chapter 23, verse 13:
Lord Krishna advises his friends not be dismayed by failure, assuring them that constant efforts do yield results. Actually, in verses 15 to 24, chapter 25, his father, Nandbaba, remembers Guru Gargacharyaji 's blessings, that those who lovingly devoted to Lord Krishna need not fear enemies, either externally or within oneself.

This is in class with Mahatma Shukdevji 's blessings (IXth canto, chapter XXIV,verses61-67) that if we chant his name and leelas, we certainly attain the heights of elation and ecstacy. Since earlier he was born to Vasudev and Devaki, the Lord will be addressed as Vasudev. Non-devotees are unaware of his millions of other names and divine play. Lord Krishna himself vouches for these wordings of Guru Gargacharyaji in verse 38 of the 51st chapter. In the epic ‘Shrimad Bhagwad Gita’ he proclaims JANMAM KARMAM CH ME DIVYAM, 9/IV. This also reflects the great faith Nandbaba had in his guru, Gargacharyaji Maharaj, a true quality of a Vaishnava.

Chapter 28, verse 1: Nandbaba keeping a fast on Kartik, Shukla and Ekadasi is rescued from Varunlok by Lord Krishna. The incident endorses the importance of a Ekadasi fast along with the concept that we should not bathe in a river at night. Thus the Lord preaches to us by citing his father's example!

Chapter 34: The chapter elaborates upon the Shivratri fast, the worship of Lord Shivji and Parvatiji by Lord Krishna's parents, all Vrajvasis in Ambikavan as well as the salvation of serpent Sudarshan and yaksha Shankhchur.

Chapters 29-33: Hailed as Raas-panchadhyay or five chapters of the individuated soul’s and Lord Krishna’s union. Since each verse is highly significant, please read these chapters conscientiously along with a commentary of Gita-press by Bhai Hanuman Prasad Poddarji. If you go through them sincerely, all vices shall vanish, such is the conviction of Mahatma Shukdevji.

Chapter 32: Lord Krishna declares that the gopis or cowherdesses, steeped in his love, are his uppermost devotees.

If we carefully go through chapters 28 and 34 above, we find that chapter 29 preceding the Raaslila and chapter 33 succeeding Raaslila glorify sanctity in life by means of fasts coupled with the divinity of Lord Krishna going to Varunlok and killings demons. This is in continuation of the link between the 9th and 10th cantos of the 'Bhagavatam'.

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