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' Lokpavan Bhaijee Shri Hanuman Prasad ji Poddar '- V

Storehouse of Bhaijee's Spiritual Wealth

Shri Hanuman Prasad ji Poddar

Three things are predominant in what I (Shri Hanuman Prasad ji Poddar) gained spiritually, apart from the grace of saints:

Have Implicit Faith in the Supreme Being

Seeing God in everyone

Having implicit faith in mercy of the Almighty

Taking absolute refuge in the Name of God

Precisely this is my 'immeasurable wealth' and it is so very vast that even on being grasped by countless people it is not diminished. If any of you wish to become my representative, perceive God in everyone, respect and work for the well-being, joy and accomplishment of mankind. Be deeply absorbed in the gushing flow of the Lord's infinite grace which is forever showered, for no particular reason. And continue to due the japa and kirtan (congregational singing of devotional songs) of God's Name with dedicated devotion and faith. Once you follow these three steps, spiritual gain is inevitable.

Mirabai Seeking Refuge in Lord Krishna

Have Faith—God is the supreme refuge; though the entire world may forget you, all family members may turn away their face from you and you may forever be without shelter. Just once having faith in His supreme protection, do His smarana (intense recollection) deep in you heart. Soon enough, you will find that you get such a madhur or sweet and definite support of the Almighty.

God is All-Powerful

Believe In—God is All-Powerful. However dire your sorrow may be, however dreadful your misfortunes may be and your adversity may not be avertable by anyone, all of them are diminutive in front of God's power. Having faith, call out to the All-Powerful One—his energy will promptly help you and instantly you mountaineous grief and troubles will fly away like a heap of lampblack.

Lord Rama Showers His Grace on Us

Remember—God's grace is being showered on you, every single day and constantly, it is forever bathing you from all angles. Not a single moment passes when you are deprived of God's mercy. How is that possible, anyway? You happen to be His own most lovable creation! What mercy can he have on you when love gushes forth in His heart every second. Believe me, he has truly or actually taken you in his lap ever since you were born one never knows from which unknown age. He has not distanced you for even a single moment. His propitious hand has always been on your head and you are constantly receiving his cool-sweet touch.

The Energy of the Almighty Resides in You

Believe In—You are not needy and deficient but are pure and enlightened. You are immortal and great, the energy of the Almighty abounds in you, and you can do whatever you want. The only point which is lacking, is that you do not believe that you are so dear to the Lord. Have implicit faith and finding God's grace to be so very evident, become supremely joyous. Always keep in mind that faith in oneself is the key to success, is the main mantra of triumph and the magnet which draws the grace of the Almighty.

Have Faith in Krishna & You Shall Triumph

Have Faith—There is no such object, no such rank, no such learning, no such situation in this world—which you can not attain. Have confidence in your inner or spiritual strength, be absolutely determined and then watch, success will fall at your feet. Those things which you long for, consider that life has been successful when they come to you. Virtually nothing is impossible in front of your inner strength.

Renounce Worldly Goods & Sensual Pleasures

As long as you will regard worldly objects to be your own and be attached to them, you will never be free from anxiety. They are perishable and ephemeral goods which will not let you rest in peace. Abandon fondness and infatuation for them, and hand them over to whoever they belong. And that's it! As soon as you entrust them to the Almighty, you will be free of all worries. Thereafter, there will be neither be any fear of their ruin, nor any worry of their absence and nor any ardent longing of their likes.

Makes others happy if you want happiness, if your desire honour respect others, you wish to gain then work for the well-being of others, and in case you want evil to befall you, then hurt other beings. Do not forget that you will reap what you sow. Deficiency or excess of the fruition will depend on the soil.

Jagjanani, the Mother Goddess, Loves Her Children

The poor-deficient, simple and helpless children happen to be more dear to the mother. Needy children are much dearer to *Jagjanani, the Mother Goddess,who is a form of the Supreme Being. Therefore if you wish to get the love of the Mother Goddess, become fond of those children of hers, and bring joy to them. The Mother Goddes will be instinctively pleased and keep Her hand which gives blessings on your head. Thus you will easily accomplish your spiritual purpose.

Hanumana Makes the Bridge for Lord Rama to Lanka

Keep in Mind—Whatever is your own, actually belongs to God and is for serving the Almighty. Considering it to be your personal property and using it just for gratification of your senses, is being dishonest. Safe guard yourself from this dishonesty, and earmark the resources for attending to the needs of God.

Jagjanani: According to Hindu mythology, Adi Parashakti—the Goddess, Devi—is the Supreme Being and recognized as Para Brahman. Parvati, the goddess of power, is the truest material form of the Goddess, possessing the three qualities (Sattva, rajas, or tamas).

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