Monday, May 2, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hymn 102

Raag Dhanaasree

The Merciful Lord Ramachandra

hari! tum bahut anugrah keenhon |

saadhan-dhaam bibudh durlabh tanu, mohi kripaa kari deenhon ||1||

kotihun mukh kahi jaat na prabhuke, ek ek upkaar |

tadapi naath kacchu aaur maangihaaun, dejaai param udaar ||2||

bishay-baari man-meen bhinn nahin hot kabhun pal ek |

taate sahaaun bipati ati daarun, janmat joni anek ||3||

kripa-dori bansee pad ankus, param prem-mridu-chaaro |

aehi biddhi beddhi harhu mero dukh, kaautuk raam tihaaro ||4||

haain shruti-bidit upaaya sakal sur, kehi kehi deen nihoraai |

tulsidaas yehi jeev moh-raju, jehi baandhyo soi chhoraai ||5||

A Human Form is the Means of Religious Devotion

O Hare ! You were very merciful towards me to have kindly given me a human-body, the means of religious devotion, which is difficult to attain by even gods ||1||

The Generous Lord Ram

Although every favour of yours can not be spoken about by millions of mouths, nevertheless O Nath! I ask for something else. You are very generous, kindly grant it to me ||2||

We are Fishes Steeped in the Water of Worldly Enjoyment

The fish of my mind does not separate from the water of worldly enjoyment, for even a second. I am bearing extreme painful suffering because of this. I have to take birth in several *yonis, over and over again||3||

The Lotus Feet of Lord Ram Are An Anchor for Us

O Ram ji! Make a cord of your mercy and make the anchor of your footprint, the hook of your fishing rod, and stick the supreme bait of your loving tenderness to it.(To catch hold of the fish of my mind)

Lord Ram's Loving Tenderness Alleviates Our Sorrows

Piercing the fish of my mind in this manner or taking it out from the water of sensual enjoyment, alleviate my sorrow. It is going to be a mere child's play for you ||4||

The Vedas Abound With the Means of Religious Devotion

In fact the Vedas are loaded with several recourses and there are so many gods as well, but whom all should this needy weakling beseech? O Tulsidas! The one who has bound this living being in the cord of *delusion is the one who will release it ||5||

Hare: refers to Harati, or He who unties the knot of material desires in the hearts of living entities.

Yonis: the class into which animate beings are divided, which are considered to be 84 lacs by Hindus

Vedas: ancient Indian scriptures

delusion: esp as to the supposed reality of the world

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