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73rd & 74th Dohas of Uttar Kand


asi raghupati lila urgari, danuja bimohani jana sukhakåri |

je mati malina bisayabasa kåmi, prabhu para moha dharahi imi svåmi ||1||

nayana dosa kaha° jaba hoi, pita barana sasi kahu° kaha soi |

jaba jehi disi bhrama hoi khageså, so kaha pacchima uyau dineså ||2||

naukåruRha calata jaga dekhå, acala mohabasa åpuhi lekhå |

bålaka bhramahi na bhramahi grhådi, kahahi paraspara mithyåbådi ||3||

hari bisaika asa moha bihamgå, sapanehu° nahi agyåna prasamgå |

måyåbasa matimamda abhågi, hrdaya jamanikå bahubidhi lågi ||4||

te satha hatha basa samsayakarahi, nija agyåna råma para dharahi° ||5||

Garuda Hears the Divine Play of Lord Rama

O Garuda! Such is the lila or divine play of Lord Raghunath, which deludes the demons and delights His devotees, in particular. O Svami! Those humans who are wicked, are controlled by sensual pleasures and lustful, are the ones who put this sort of an allegation (of delusion especially as to the supposed reality of the world) on the Lord. He whose eyes are jaundiced say that the moon is yellow in colour, as long as they are suffering from the disease. O Pakshiraja! When a man is confused about direction, he is sure that the sun has risen in the west.

The Delusion of Sailing in a Boat

A man who is sailing on a boat sees that the world is moving and deludes himself into thinking that he is standing still. Children whirl round in circles while playing, but the surrounding houses do not. Yet they call one another a liar (when some of them insist that it is they who are moving). O Garuda! The conjecture of delusion regarding Lord Hari is also like this. Not even in a dream is there a remote chance of delusion being connected with God. But those who are overpowered by Maya, are unfortunate and several veils cover their souls, such fools are doubtful and attribute their own ignorance to Lord Råma.


kåma krodha mada lobha rata grhåsakta dukharupa |

te kimi jånahi raghupatihi muRha pare tama kupa ||73(A)||

nirguna rupa sulabha ati saguna jåna nahi koi |

sugama agama nånå carita suni muni mana bhrama hoi ||73(B)||

The Exploits of Lord Rama are Intelligible & Incomprehensible

Those who are steeped in lust, anger, arrogance and greed, and attached to their homes of sorrow, how can they possibly get to know the Lord of the Raghus? Those stupid people are wallowing in the depths of darkness (ignorance)? The nirguna (without attributes) form of God, is so easy to understand; but no one knows the embodied form (which is beyond the gunas and divine). Even a sage's mind is bewildered on hearing the various exploits of the Lord, which are both intelligible and incomprehensible.


sunu khagesa raghupati prabhutåi, kahau° jathåmati kathå suhåi |

jehi bidhi moha bhayau prabhu mohi, sou saba kathå sunåvau°tohi ||1||

råma krpå bhåjana tumha tåtå, hari guna priti mohi sukhadåtå |

tåte nahi kachu tumhahi duråvau°, parama rahasya manohara gåvau° ||2||

sunahu råma kara sahaja subhåu, jana abhimåna na råkhahi kåu |

samsrta mula sulaprada nånå, sakala soka dåyaka abhimånå ||3||

tåte karahi krpånidhi duri, sevaka para mamatå ati bhuri |

jimi sisu tana brana hoi gosåi, måtu ciråva ° kathina ki i° ||4||

The Greatness of Lord Raghuvir

O Pakshiraja Garuda! Listen to the greatness of the Lord of the Raghus. I narrate that delightful tale according to the best of my ability. O Lord! I shall tell you the entire story of how I was deluded. O Dear! You are a recipient of Lord Rama's favour, and fond of hearing Lord Hari's praises. That is why you make me joyous.That is the reason why I do not hide anything from you and reveal extremely secretive matters by singing them to you. Hear of Lord Rama's innate disposition. He never lets pride affect his devotees. Because pride is the root cause of this world of birth and death, and the cause of giving all sorts of anguish and grief. Therefore the repository of mercy gets rid of arrogance because He is very fond of His servitors.

A Mother Tends Her Child's Boil

O Gosain! Just as when a boil appears on the body of a child, his mother gets an incision done as if she is hard-hearted.


jadapi prathama dukha påvai rovai båla adhira |

byådhi nåsa hita janani ganati na so sisu pira ||74(A)||

timi raghupati nija dåsa kara harahi måna hita lågi |

tulasidåsa aise prabhuhi kasa na bhajahu bhrama tyågi ||74(B)||

Goswami Tulsidas Asks us to Dispel our Doubts & Worship Lord Rama

Although at first the child experiences pain (when the boil is being cut open)and cries helplessly, even then the mother is unmindful of the child's agony because she is anxious to see the child cured. In the same way, Lord Raghuvir takes away His devotee's pride for his own good. Tulsidasa says why don't you worship such a Lord, after dispelling the doubts nagging you?

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