Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hymn 189

Raag Gauri

Journey Across Life by Chanting The Name of Shri Ram

ram kahat chalu, ram kahat chalu, ram kahat chalu bhaaee re |

naahin taau bhav-begaari mahan parihaai, chhutat ati katthinaaee re ||1||

baans puraan saaj sab atthkatth, saral tikon khatolaa re |

hamhin dihal kari kutil karamchand mand mol binu dolaa re ||2||

bisham kahaar maar-mad-maate chalhin na paaun batoraa re |

mand biland abheraa dalkan paaiya dukh jhakjhoraa re ||3||

kaant kuraaya lapetan lotan thhavhin thhaun bajhaau re |

jas jas chaliya doori tas tas nij baas na bhent lagaau re ||4||

maarag agam, sang nahin sambal, naaun gaaunkar bhulaa re |

tulsidaas bhav traas harhu ab, hohu raam anukulaa re ||5||

Transmigration of The Soul

If you are caught in working for this material world under compulsion, it will become extremely difficult to break free. (In a couple of days, we free ourselves from the unpaid labour forcibly performed for a king. But the cycle of birth and death of this mundane world will continue forever till we attain spiritual enlightenment. If you journey across life by chanting Ram-Ram, the foes of worldly pleasures which are illusory, will not be able to entice you to work for them. Because Ram's maya or power of illusion can not snare Rama's daas or servitor.||1||

The Human Body is a Palanquin

Without charging any price (as per the karmas of the world's cycle of transmigration and according to the natural course of death), the cunning Karmchand (destiny of evil deeds performed in our earlier birth)has given us such a terrible palanquin (the human body which is devoid of bhajan or worship and where tamas or darkness prevails) which is fitted with old bamboo poles (igonorance and delusion of eternal duration), whose trimmings are inappropriate, it has the traits of tamas or spiritual darkness, has the shape of worldly enjoyments (because of which the body does evil deeds and a human being takes the wrong course). Which is simply triangular (totally absorbed in attaining wealth, fulfilling sensual desires; and does not pay the slightest attention to getting moksha or salvation)||2||

The Palanquin Bearers are Our Senses

Whose palanquin bearers are uneven and getting drunk by the intoxication of lust ( traditionally there are five indriyan or senses like sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste which run the body. There should be a pair of palanquin bearers, but there is no pair since they are five and therefore it is an odd number. They are not the same and all the five senses are enamoured by sensual enjoyments.When the body and mind are shaped by tamas or spiritual darkness due to one's evil deeds, how can the senses be unaffected by worldly pleasures?) And they do not walk by disciplining their feet or moving ahead with even steps. (The senses run after their respective enjoyments) and we are jolted and shoved because of successively walking on a high and low path. And we are greatly grieved due to this constant pulling & tugging. (being desirous of paradise and fame at times we are involved in religious tasks, and sometimes for relishing worldly enjoyments we are absorbed in various activities of the mundane world, many a time we run after women due to lust.And we do not adopt these courses with the same bhava- with the senses like sound, touch, form, taste and smell, but go up and down in quick succession.Consequently, a living being has to bear intense anguish||3||

The Wild Worldly Path is Strewn with Thorns & Pebbles

Thorns and pebbles are strewn on the way, (poisonous creepers twine around and shrubs entangle you. We have to halt at so many points en route.The thorns of destructive senses which run in in the dense forest of worldly pleasures after forgetting the Supreme Being, the hostile pebbles of sensual pleasures,

Creepers of a Loving Family Entwine Around Us

the creepers of an affectionate home plus family which entwine us, and the tangled state of lust. Because of them we have to stop at every step and walk ahead in painful anguish.)Then as we move ahead our own abode is distanced accordingly.(As the mind is absorbed in relishing pleasures of the material world, the personal temple of attaining God is distanced) there is also no one who can show us the path.(Materialistic men do not share the company of saints thence who can show them the direct path of spiritual enlightenment? Those who accompany such a person point to the opposite direction, for certain.)||4||

The Tough Terrain Abounds with Shrubs, Mountains & Jungles

The route is very tough, (is abounding with tangled thickets of prickly shrubs, and mountains-plus jungles).There is no travel allowance (of bhajan or worship), so much so that they have forgotten the name of their own village(they do not chant the name of God even by mistake and do not think of the Supreme Lord's svarupa. For this reason it is virtually impossible to reach the dwelling of the supreme condition ( ofmukti or salvation)through this body and without God's grace);Therefore O Shri Ram ji! With your blessings, you must dispel the fear which Tulsidas ji's has of this material world (cycle of birth and death), right now. ||5||

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