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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Eighteenth Shloka

mama khelatu mada-cetasi madhuradharam amritam 

Simple Meaning:

The Nectarous Lips of Wide-eyed Krishna

 The One whose eyes are fresh and forever blossoming, are red and endowed with compassion, are huge and wide; Who reaches the heights of ecstasy by touching the pitcher like breasts of Shri Radha (*Kamala). By the melodious sound of Whose flute play even the harsh hearts of sages become tender like the lotus; Whose lips are heart-stealing and so very charming-may the nectarous rasa gushing from those very lips, playfully dally in my enraptured heart.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Lord Krishna Exudes Madhurya

Shri Lilashuk ji prays for the inexpressible nectar which means Krishna, the eternal Object  laden with amorous love, continuously sport in my love-struck heart.What is this nectar of the lips? All kinds of sweet things in this world appear crude  in front of its sweetness and that is why it is called madhur adharamrita. Everything about beautiful Krishna or Madhuradipati, the paragon of sweetness, is sweet. His dark-hued complexion, His extraordinary youthful form, His divine play, His form, His way of looking, His mannerisms, all of them exude madhurya. Therefore who would not be highly intoxicated by His darshan.

The Languorous Impassioned Eyes of Krishna Infatuate Us

tarunaruna karunamaya vipulayata nayanam:His pair of eyes are freshly youthful as if they are going to infatuate us. They are laden with the langour of adolescent passion and are being enchanted with new bhavas. These eyes are not just fresh but reddish as well. By drinking the honey, by relishing the sweet nectarous rasa of their loving devotees they have become red by the onset of several loving bhavas. The passion residing within the hearts of Braj maidens is spilling over as redness in His eyes. The rasa of compassion also brims in these very eyes. Compassion spills over to cure the exertion of His beloveds. Krishna tries to clean the beads of perspirating dotting the faces of His beloveds who have dallied romantically, by His fragrant breath.At times, He makes them even more and more fatigued while trying to relieve their exertion.

Baby Krishna Kills Sakatasura, the Cart Demon

Secondly He showers His grace and affection to get remove the dire difficulties of His humble devotees. The gopis rave of that merciful compassion in the 'gopi geet';  By giving us the rain, the sun's heat and destroying different demons you have removed all our (Braj denizens') misfortunes, that is why Your eyes are so compassionate-wide and enlarged-stretching right up to the ears. These pair of eyes are the creator of several playful dalliances.


Shri Radha Enchants Krishna by Her Pitcher like Breasts
Whose every limb is thrilled on touching the pitcher like breasts of Shri Radha; every hair on His body stand on end (as a sign of ecstasy).

In 'Radha Sudha Nidhi' Shri Prabodhananda Saraswatipada has praised the same water pot like breasts:

tasmai namo bhuvan mohan-mohnaya ,
shriradhike tav navastnamandalaya  |

''O Radhe! I pay obeisance to Your youthful breasts which are like two golden lotus buds growing in the lake of Your pastimes and are like two fruits growing on the nectarous kalpavriksha of Your bliss. They enchant even Him who enchants all the worlds.'

The kind of passion aroused in Lord Krishna by touching Shri Radha steeped in the mahabhava, is expressing this very bhava.


The Shringara Rasa of Shri Radha-Krishna

Krishna considers Himself blessed even He is able to touch the end of a cloth saree (which usually cover's a woman's breasts)so the kind of religious rapture He experiences on being able to touch the youthful breasts of that very Shri Radha, can not be expressed in words. It is the romantic dalliance of Madan Mohan whose mere shadow makes Madan (the god of love) faint, with Shri Radha who is the icon of shringara rasa, the peak of human emotions.

Love of the Gopis is the Zenith of Spiritual Awareness

The love play of Shri Radha-Krishna is suffused with madhurya and is emotionally evocative and serenely spiritual. The love which the ineffably beautiful Krishna shares with the gopis is said to be 'kaam.'Such love represents the purest emotion which a soul may have for its divine source; the only correlation it may have to mundane lust is in appearance. The gopis love is so pure and it is as different from lust as light is from darkness. This divine playfull dalliance is beyond the understanding of ordinary people.

murali rava tarali krita muni manasa nalinam

A Sage

Krishna melts the steadfast tough hearts of munis by the nectarous rasa of His sweet flute play and makes them tender like the lotus. Fluidity,sentimentality and softness is generated in them.

Those Focused on the Nirgun Brahman are Passionately Drawn by Krishna's Flute Play

The sound of the flute instinctively draws the hearts of learned people-but the flute's sweetness steeps them in the rasa of bhakti. It makes tough hearts which meditate on the nirgun brahman, tender like a lotus and makes  hearts which are firmly focused on the delight of brahman(the all pervading spirit of the universe) ardently long for the worship of Krishna.

Gopeshwar Mahadev

Even Yogeshwar Shri Mahadev ji, the supreme guru of yogis who is sober like the ocean and bound by social conventions, assumed the form of a gopi, transgressed  social constraints and joined the rasa lila on hearing the lilting sound of Lord Krishna's flute.

mama khelatu mada-cetasi...

May Madhava Playfully Dally in My Heart

 May that Lord Krishna, a svarupa of nectar, playfully dally in my enraptured (intoxicated)mind, in the same way as when He infatuates Shri Radha and clusters of gopis by His sweet flute play. And on seeing the fatigue of their romantic dalliance, He plays the flute for dispelling their exertion and adulating the sweetness of their forms, to relax their shame, and to destroy their pride. May that same Madhava playfully dally in my heart.

Kamala: which means the one in whom the joy of love is resplendent in a sufficient perfect whole form is Kamala and she is Shri Radha.But with respect of Radha It is madanakhya bhava, which is peculiar to Her alone. It can neither be reciprocated nor imitated. It is the acme of love, the highest point to which love can reach.

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Minakshi Aggarwal said...

In this shloka,madhuryarasa,love,Feeling of
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May god give us that very particular Dristi.yahi yachana karte hain.