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Vinay Patrika: Chitrakoot Stuti [23]

Raag Basant

Mount Chitrakoot Nestled Peacefully in the Vindhyas

Sab soch-bimochan chitrakoot | kaliharan, karan kalyaan boot ||1||

suchi avni suhaavni aalbaal | kaanan bichitra, baaree bisaal ||2||

mandaakini-maalini sadaa seench | bar baari, bisham nar-naari neech ||3||

saakhaa susring, bhooruh-supaat | nirjhar madhubar, mridu malay baat ||4||

suk, pik, madhukar, munibar bihaaru | saadhan prasoon phal chaari chaaru ||5||

bhav-ghorghaam-har sukhad chhaanh | thapyo thir prabhaav jaankee-naah ||6||

saadhak-supathik badhe bhaag paai | paavat anek abhimat aghaai ||7||

ras ek, rahit-gun-karam-kaal | siya ram lakhan paalak kripaal ||8||

tulsi jo ram pad chahiya prem | seiya giri kari nirupaadhi nem ||9||

The Luxuriant Tree of Chitrakoot

Chitrakoot releases us from all sorts of sorrows. It is the luxuriant tree which brings about our well-being and annihilates Kaliyuga (the age of spiritual darkness)||1||

Dense Forests Enclosing Chitrakoot

The sacred soil of this region is this tree's beautiful trench (dug around the base of a tree to hold water) and the deep forests surrounding Chitrakoot are its massive fence. ||2||

Devotees Bathing in River Mandakini

The maalin or gardener of Mandakini forever irrigates the place with her pristine waters. Even the daily bathing of wicked and vile people in its flow, does not have any adverse effects on the river. ||3||

Cascading Waterfalls of Chitrakoot

The lovely peaks of Chitrakoot are its very branches and the trees are its attractive leaves.The cascading waterfalls of Chitrakoot are its sweet nectar, and the breeze laden with the fragrance of sandalwood is its loving tenderness. ||4||

The Evergreen Tree of Chitrakoot

The great munis or sages who joyously wander around here are the parrots, black cuckoos and capricious black bees who delightfully flit from one tree to the other. The tree's flowers are their varied resources whereas wealth, religion, pleasure and moksha (salvation) are its four beautiful fruits. ||5||

Lord Ram Alleviates the Suffering of Birth & Death

The tree's shade alleviates the scorching sun of this worldly cycle of birth and death, and grants ecstatic bliss. Lord Ram, Jankinath (husband of Janaki or Sita), has eternally pacified its powerful impact. ||6||

Getting this tree by great good fortune, eminent travellers of sadhakas (devotees) attain several kinds of joys they have ardently longed for, and are spiritually satisfied. ||7||

Lord Ram, Sita, & Lakshman are the Guardians of Chitrakoot

This is the eternal rasa or spiritual flavour which is free from sattva, rajas and tamas, the three gunas of the illusory world, which means that those who take this course are released from the bond of maya or delusion, kaal or eventual destiny and karmas or actions (bearing fruit.) Because merciful Sita, Ram and Lakshman are its guardians. ||8||

The Lotus Feet of Lord Ram

O Tulsidas! In case you want to develop love for Lord Ram's feet, you must sincerely attend to the needs of the Mount Chitrakoot as per the customary norms.

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