Sunday, July 16, 2017

'Prem Rasamrit Dhara': Letter No: 10

Shri Krishnanuragini Shri Shri Santosh ji,

 Shri Shri Santosh ji

Salutations at your feet

I received your kind letter. You are probably testing me. It is we who certainly longs for a heart like yours. My purpose in life would have been achieved if I had got a heart like yours. However, I am not so fortunate!

 Lotus Feet of Krishna

Who can speak of the greatness of a person who having surrendered herself at the lotus feet of Krishna, is the embodiment of love and affection. Compassion for even a dog, surges up in whose being.  The one on whom Krishna forever keeps His hand on and gives an assurance. Therefore I can never believe what you wrote. Possibly thinking that some discussion should take place on this pretext you would have written this dejected letter.

  Supreme Lover Krishna in Vrindavan

What more can those who have handed over their entire life to the Supreme Lover, the charming and flirtatious Krishna is the sole foundation of their life, those who are constantly staying in His dham Vrindavan for His sake, want? The Supreme Lover may keep them in whichever state He wants, it is better to be dependent on His wish. He knows how to make us His own. Means have no accessibility in this matter nor can means easily approach this particular realm. 

Shri Radha-Krishna

‘kunjan ke kone Shyam-Radhika gaven!’

Which means:

‘Sitting at the corner of some avenue of Vrindavan may we sing the glories of Shri Radha-Krishna.’

Dark-hued Krishna's Sidelong Glance

That is all we need to do, He knows what will happen later. Either He irrigates our life with His juicy sidelong glance or keeps looking at us the way we are. But the capricious beloved Krishna is not so heartless. He is compassion personified. Not looking at the qualities or drawbacks of His devotees-Krishna just knows how to embrace whoever comes in front of Him. On having such a Lover why should we be weighted down by disappointment. He has never failed to fulfill the expectations of anyone till date. 

Lord Krishna is Standing Behind You

Standing right behind you He is watching this distressed state of yours with love-laden eyes. Have faith in this fact. You should be least anxious and get absorbed in relishing His Name and divine play .He has got us till this juncture with His compassion, and dark-hued Krishna is the one who will take us even further. We belong to Supreme Lover Krishna…He surely knows how to safeguard His possessions. He very well knows the system of securing those who belong to Him. Krishna alone knows the way of going about it.

Jai Radhe

Yours Manohar Das

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