Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Yamuna Stuti [21]

Raag Bilaval

Goddess Yamuna

Jamuna jyon jyon laagee baarhan |

tyon tyon sukrit-subhat kali bhoophin, nidari lage bahu kaarhan ||2||

jyon jyon jal maleen tyon tyon jamgan mukh maleen lahaai aarh na |

tulsidas jagdagh javaas jyon anghmegh lage daarhan ||2||

As the Goddess Yamuna began to swell the warriors of goodness began scorning and ousting the Raja of Kaliyuga ||1||

River Yamuna in Vrindavan

During the rains when the waters of Goddess Yamuna gradually became polluted, the faces of yamdoots (Yama's messengers who bring the souls of the dead to judgement, and thence to their final destination) also steadily blackened. Ultimately they were left without a ray of hope. Who could they possibly take to yamlok (the world of Yama, hell) now?

Goswami Tulsidas

Tulsidas says that the instant Goddess Jamuna began to gush forth, the cloud of virtuousness burnt the thorny shrubs of sins and reduced them to ashes ||2||

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