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'Shri Krishna-karnamrita:' One hundred and first shloka

galad-vrida lola madana-vinita gopa-vanita ,  
mada-sphitam gitam kimapi madhura capala-dhura |  
samujjrimbha gumbha madhurima-kiram madrisha-giram , 
tvayi sthane jate dadhati capalam janma saphalam ||101||

Simpe Meaning:

Gopis Overwhelmed by Love for Krishna

Just as charming wives of the cowherd men, having dispelled their shyness, being restless and overwhelmed by love for You, have achieved the fruit of their transient existences, similarly my elated words which scatter sweetness and my restless life have achieved the fruit of their existence on reaching Your dham Vrindavan and taking refuge in You.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Taking Refuge in Krishna

Shri Billavmangalji is telling Lord Krishna,O Nath! My words had created many literary works earlier but my poetry has become successful today only. By coming under Your refuge and actually beholding You, my life has achieved the fruit of its  existence.

  Kamdev is Vanquished by Krishna

madana-vinita: The meaning of this pada is that due to Krishna's prema the lives of modest gopis has become successful. In other words even Kamdev, the epitome of handsomeness, has become mild in manner because of being vanquished by Krishna's love.

 The Rasa-lila

 capala-dhura : Seeing Krishna's dancing dexterity Shri Billavmangal ji says that Shri Krishna is the zenith of sweet agility;  Krishna dances with millions of gopis like a discus,the God duplicates Himself through His maya so that 'between two gopis is found a Krishna.' Thus fulfilling the heartfelt desire of each gopi, each one of them thinks that Krishna is holding her hand in the Rasa Lila.Therefore Krishna's agile movements in dance are extremely charming and sweet.

Overlooking Social Constraints, Gopis Yearn for Krishna 

Describing beautiful gopis steeped in the constant joy of Krishna's proximity and rasa laden prema, Billavmangaji says that the gopis have become heedless of social constraints and family prestige as if they are insignificant like a blade of straw. Whatever honour-dishonour they are left with has to do with proximity and connection with the ineffably beautiful Krishna of Vraja. Even if they are disgraced due to this liaison it is acceptable to the cowherdesses.

A Gopi Longs to Become Krishna's Beloved

Addressing the Chauth ka chand 1 a young gopi says," I will look at You to my heart's content, I have just one longing and that is to be adorned with the stigma of Krishna. " Longing for the dark-hued Supreme Lover to make us His own." Their desire is fulfilled. Consequently, the banner of the gopis' lustre purifies the three worlds.

Krishna Sporting with the Damsels of Braj

'vikriditam vraja-vadhubhir idam ca visnoh
sraddanvito ’nusrnuyad atha varnayed yah |
bhaktim param bhagavati pratilabhya kamam,
hrd-rogam asv apahinoty acirena dhirah ||'

"A person who hears the transcendental pastimes of Sri Krsna with the damsels of Braj from the mouth of a pure devotee and then describes those pastimes accordingly, obtains supreme devotion for the Lord within no time and thereby drives away mundane lusty desires for sense gratification from his heart."
(Shrimad Bhagwat. 10.33.40) 
Shri Shukdev has said in the last shloka of Rasa Panchadhyayi
What can be more enlightening that this?

Fickleness of Krishna's Youth

Shri Billavmangal ji is saying yet again that the One whose fickleness of youth is a net of sweetness, my words are kneaded in that very sweet net, and eternally steeped in that sweet gush of nectarine form.

Braj Beauties Revolve Around Krishna
"You are the axis of spirited fickleness around which the entire mandala of Braj beauties revolves around," he tells Krishna.

The Playful Dalliances of Krishna

"Your internal lilas, playful dalliances, have become the sweetness of my voice and become fragrant. In addition, their fragrance is scattering sweetness all around.
By singing the glories of your many sweet traits my poem like voice has become blessed. On reaching Shri Dham my life has achieved the fruit of its transient existence," says Billavmangal ji.

1 Chauth ka Chand: (moon on the fourth night of a fortnight;esp that of the bright fortnight of Bhadon,supposed to bring reproach or disgrace on one who looks at it)

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