Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shri Krishna Kripakataksha Stotram: 3rd shloka

Kadamsoonukundalan - sucharugandmandalam

Brajaangnaikvallabhan namaami Krishnadurlabham.

Yashodyaa samodyaa sagopyaa sanandyaa,

Yutansukhaikadaayakan namaami gopnaayakan.

'Shri Krishna who is very tough to attain, the vallabha or beloved of the Braj maidens, radiant with lovely cheeks and wearing kundals (large earrings) of kadamba flowers...I offer my respectful salutation to him.'

The kadamba tree is very dear to Krishna. He rests beneath its cool shade...dallies romantically...indulges in isolated amorous frolics. The kadamaba flower is also very precious for him and he adorns it as an ear ornament. Adept in acquiring the natwar (title of krishna, supreme dancer) form, he decks himself with various blossoms and shoots. Kadamsoonukundalan.

The kundals swing again and again on to his cheeks ...what do these smooth blue-hued pair of cheeks have...that the kundals like capricious black bees kiss them over and over again. Hence sucharugandmandalam

As it is the cheeks are ravishing reddish...and several reflection of the kundals cascade from them. They tug at the gopikas' heart strings. The beauties relish this scene with their eyes...but their ardent longing is never to be calmed. Now the kundals are dancing on these attractively rounded cheeks and now a smile invades the lips...and seeing one of the beloveds captivated by his beauteous form the mischievous Krishna's smile transforms into laughter and soon a new lustre suffuses the cheeks.

What struck this naughty lock of hair...stepping out of the curly mop, it instantly came onto the cheeks. The touch of the smooth cheeks had made it greedy for more joy...and it blew and bent over the cheeks again and again. Could be that some impassioned beauty's ardent longing was on the rise...the supreme lover laughed.

Brajaangnaikvallabhan namaami Krishnadurlabham.

The composer is saluting Shri Krishna, the sole vallabha or beloved of the gopis, who is not easily attainable. The triad of Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh also dance to his tune and yet do not know him fully. But Shri Krishna is easily obtained by his own grace. He clearly told Arjuna in the 'Gita' that he can not be found by yagya (sacrifice), tapa(penance) meditation or offerings. Only bhakti or devotion unite one with him. The Braj cowherdesses are the zenith of spiritual awareness.

The gopis' transcendental love of the highest order makes Krishna their supreme lover. Casting off restrictive social norms and the burdens of convention, they move in a delicious anguish to his side. Krishna is the focus of the ardour of the gopis, seen as the object of longing and of a love.

Sensing his approach they leave behind their earthly chores, their families, their duties and are prompted to rush out of their homes to him. So steeped in the love of Krishna are the hearts of these gopis, so pure are their thoughts that while devas, munnis and even Bhagwati Laxmi may only aspire to reach the state of oneness with the Lord, these simple cowherdesses have already attained it.

Yashodyaa samodyaa sagopyaa sanandyaa,

The composer says,"The one who is closely connected to delighted mother Yashoda, Baba Nanda and several gopas, and who is the sole giver of joy- I respectfully salute Shri Krishna, the leader of the gopas."

Truly a repository of delight, the handsome god is the treasure trove of mother Yashoda and Baba Nanda's maternal affection. Mother Yashoda's great good fortune allows her to scold and even beat him who is the Supreme Being. The Trimurti (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh) propitiate him, Lord Yama also trembles before him, the very same Shri Hari stands before mother Yashoda with his hands bound and tear-filled eyes. She shows the cane and admonishes him for his spirited pranks.

But this playful dalliance is to spread joy and delight. She has no inkling of his power as the male Godhead, her only concern is to dote over her darling son. He may be the Supreme Being for others, for her he is the apple of her eye and the light of Baba Nanda's house. Hence Kanhaiya, in unison with mother Yashoda and Baba Nanda imparts supreme delight to all the gopas.

The herd of gopas always gather around him, adulating his lovingly tender face. Krishna invariably saved them from the attack of demonic forcec. He killed Kaliya, protected them from the fury of Indra by lifting Giriraj and overcame other disasters. The gopas believe that Narayana invades the son of Nanda because of which he can perform these miracles. Not merely the gopas but also elders follow his orders. They abandoned Indra Pujan and began worshipping Giriraj on his suggestion.

Let us also repeatedly entreat Shri Krishna for the love of his dark-hued lotus feet. The sole Brajendra Nandan who confers love, the protagonist of the gopas, closely bound to delighted mother Yashoda, Baba Nanda and the gopas. We make a prayer to the supremely compassionate plus lovingly tender father and mother to please engage us in their son's service. Even though we may be worthless but yet we are under the shelter of their son; please grant us immense love for Shri Krishna's pair of lotus feet.

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