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Chapter 50: Boboji Gains Entry Into The Eternal Nikuna (Passes Away) – 4

A State of Utmost Sanctity And Childlike Behaviour

Revered Bobo In A Trance

Bobo's mind had completely turned inwards to the soul. Apparently she would not contribute to any task in particular.Least interested in taking meals, she had become very much like a child.

Vijay Bhaiya

Vijay would often get a chance to gather her fondness and parental affection by staying in her proximity for hours at a stretch.He would feed her a morsel of food with a spoon and cajole her to take medicines plus milk . Thankfully she would listen to his loving insistence.

Bobo constantly relished the sweetness of handsome Krishna.Everything appeared dull compared to that infinite delight.Very rarely she would say something to anyone.Repeatedly she was brought from her trance like state to the temporal world and an effort had to be made for feeding her milk and liquids. At times she would willingly have a bite and many a time not even be conscious of swallowing.Often when the morsel was put in her mouth it would remain wide open.On persistent requests she would close her mouth and not open at times. She had become indifferent to taste.

Despite her childlike mannerisms and naivety pointing inwards to her soul, the sequence of chanting the Lord's name and counting it on her fingers went on.

Her eyes relishing the beauteous forms of Radha-Krishna were absorbed.Actually speaking her mind and disposition had become detached from all observances. Out of practice she would continue with japa.Acquiring the state of utmost sanctity she had utterly shrunk within herself.

Amavasya was on 3rd February 1992 and the configuration of planets was fearsome.Well wishers who had come from Ambala even consulted the doctor there.During this time span Dr.Nisha had arrived from Arunachal.Letters were constantly flowing in to inquire about Bobo's health. We got Shantanu and Poonam's letter from Jakarta (Indonesia) while Abay and Kalyani wrote from America. Basheshur Bhai from Chandigarh and Shri Shrish Bhaisaheb, Laxmi Bhaisaheb,Bahen Uma, Utma, Neelu, Manoj and many others corresponded.

At this end Bahen Indu wrote from Durgapur.Ever since childhood she had been trailing behind Bobo in school due to an unknown attraction. Everyone was moved by her uneasy, distraught and helpless feelings expressed. Anil, Mudit and others shifted here.Shri Lalit Bahenji and Chakrapaal Bhai Saheb would come daily religiously and at times in the evening to ask about her health.

Shri Manohar Dasji,Shri Deviji, Manorma and others would stream in from Venu Vinod Kunj of Vrindavan. Meanwhile acquaintances of the colony and bahens of Baag Bundela plus Barhi Kunj would incessantly pray for the recovery of Bobo.

All those who wished well did constant japa on the night of Amavasya.Bobo's physical agony aggravated but the night passed somehow.On seeing a bright morning everyone's worried and dejected faces hoped for the best.The days passed one by one as Bobo became mentally detached and turned inwards. She would not tell anyone a word and answer sparingly on being questioned.

On 6th or 7th February she wanted to say something (Vijay was also present)when Sushila Bahenji asked but kept quiet.Being assured that it would not be disclosed, she agreed to reveal the matter. Many a time she had easily borne ailments much more severe than this sickness and it seemed she would not go so soon.

Her sentence, “If the seva of Shri Thakurji is hindered due to ill health then this body will not last long” would jolt her followers at times.

Insisting That Dharam Bahenji Should Bid Her Farewell

Dharam Bahenji

Revered Bobo's physical ill health was increasing day by day. Bobo had particular affection for Dharam Bahenji who was greatly upset by her sickness.Shri Manohar Dasji had asked Bahenji to pray for Bobo's well being on the forbidding night of Amavasya and the crucial time had passed easily.Seeing Bobo's health deteriorate recently Dharamji was apprehensive again. She began to do paath (recitation of a sacred text) again.This matter dates back to the first week of February 1992.

Towards the end of the second week Dharam Baheni was lying on her bed around two thirty – three at night. In that state of wakefulness she heard the voice of revered Bobo, “Dharamji ! You must let me go since my task is over.The handsome Krishna is calling me. Let me leave.”Hearing this full sentence Dharam Bahenji was bewildered. She was scared of parting from Bobo and concerned about all her associates.

Reminding her Dharam Bahenji said, “No, no Bobo! What will come about your companions.At present they are engrossed in dedicated devotion. We will become orphans and get looted. I will not let you depart.” With this utterance Dharam Bahenji was forlorn.Revered Bobo appealed once more, “You must not stop me.”

Simultaneously the solemn tone of handsome Krishna could be heard, “You ought to let go of her. I am wanting to take her along. Her task is complete.” Dharam Bahenji was quite and opined,“Who am I to stop her if you want to take her in your proximity?.”Reluctantly she gave in,” Well Bobo,'Goodbye-goodbye-goodbye.” Wiping her streaming tears Dharam Bahenji stood up. She had clarified later, “I merely kept hearing a sound but the conversation took place between dark-hued Krishna and Bobo for certain.”

Shri Dharam Bahenji had got a clear indication of Bobo going into the proximity of Shyama-Shyam eight to ten days beforehand but purposely narrated it on 21`st February, not wanting to make everyone depressed.

The cycle of destiny was in motion with the days passing by steadily.Not considering her pain to be a suffering, Bobo was bearing the agony happily.

The Vivid Perception of Shri Santoshji and Sarlaji

Revered Bobo's state of health was bad since quite some time. On 14th or 15th February the bahens confimed that Bobo was getting better and left.

Santosh Bahenji

Santosh Bahenji was preparing bhoga for her Thakurji when she saw Bobo rising upwards to a radiant mass of cosmic energy, the colour of the condensed sky.Instantly she addressed Sarla Bahenji and said, “Sarla! These women have affirmed that Ushaji is getting better but I can see her going up to dissolve into the Absolute.”

Sarla Bahenji

Soon after, Sarla Bahenji also affirmed, “Yes! She is about to depart for certain.”

Roughly one and a half years after this incident Santosh Bahenji went to Venu Vinod Kunj to meet Shri Maharaj. She had seen highly revered Radha Baba in the same manner when he had united with God. To hear that perception of hers Ghanshyam ji asked Bahenji and she narrated the entire event instinctively. Alongside she also affirmed that even more clear than this episode was the vision she had seen regarding the departure of Ushaji.

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