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Prem Sudha Dhara: Dulariji

(page 14)

Shri Ram, the Paragon of Sweetness
Sri Hari

Sri Vrindavan Dhaam
6th March 1968

Very Dear Dulari

With love Jai Radhe Shyam!

Sri Pujariji has recited a perfect chaupai or quatrain (usually printed as two rhyming lines of verse), underpinning the ethos of the innately loving God. Do seva or service to the Lord's svarupa; attend selflessly without expectation of reward, to the needs of the Lord. Whatever personal seva you can do easily will help you develop an all-consuming intimacy with the Lord. Dulari, this illness has to be borne because of some previous deeds but is also indicative of God’s grace. ‘Teri Kripa Kathor Mahaan’. At times compassion appears harsh but has an underlying tender gentleness - precisely like a loving mother’s slap. You are sensible in every way and what is the need to explain? But in this fashion we can discuss the delightful ways of the Lord- reflect a bit on the fathomless domain of his loving tenderness, savour it. Consequently I will write more but probably one anecdote to the point.

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s letter that I dreamt about you again on Saturday night. You entreated, “Ushaji! Quickly narrate the Lord’s lila or divine play because you will leave at twelve-thirty.” We were actually to come by the twelve-thirty bus on Sunday afternoon. Now when I read about the Lord’s playful dalliance in your letter it is pleasing. I am keen to relate an incident but when we meet. Dulari, in case you can’t come for a month, make it fifteen days but do drop in.

Now we are about to discuss one of the many forms of Ramji, his revelation as the paragon of sweetness, which becomes him most of all. Look at the coincidence; Sri Ramkinkarji, a learned priest of ‘Sri Ram Charit Manas’, gave a moving description of his tender gentleness. ‘Uma Ramsubhav Jin Jana-Tahi Bhajan Taji Bhav Na Aana’. He spoke beautifully upon Sheel Sneh Avadhi Raghurai; all the beauty and all of the virtue of the world co-mingle in the Lord’s character and form…its dimensions being absolutely perfect and profound in itself. Even if the gravest of sinners… a killer of Brahma (all pervading spirit of the universe) takes refuge in the Lord’s feet, the compassionate Supreme Being welcomes him with open arms. There are innumerable instances endorsing this truth, not only in the earlier eras but also as of today.

Rest assured that such incidents occur in the new millennium, underpinning His generosity. The Lord is eagerly desirous to take us under His shelter; and this search of the impassioned soul for union with God is centered in that region of the heart where God is ultimately found. He is eager to welcome even those deprived souls whose longing is flawed but in the domain of love there must be complete absorption in the joy of Rama. However I will dwell on this topic later-let us reflect on His lotus-tender persona and gently soft demeanor.

Lord Ram Accepts Vibhishana

To accept Vibhishana, an enemy’s brother, without any close search is unheard of. Sugreevji also offered to unravel the mysterious predicament but Ramji casually evaded the matter. Soon after, He spoke seriously, "Jo Sabheet Aava Sharnai-Rakhihan Tahi Pran Ki Nahi". Not merely giving protection but having a just and rational approach …is a distinctive trait of Ramji.

Sri Ramkinkarji made a beautiful statement, “On everyone’s harping upon politics and asserting that Vibhishana had come to steal their secrets-The Lord answered, “Folks I have become a part of the human condition to impart the divine mystery. Brahma or the Supreme Being is mysterious, indescribable and not perceptible by the senses or mental faculties in every respect. The sole objective of my incarnation is to convey the secret of my innate divinity and my descent as a mortal full of sweet love. If one makes the slightest effort to know my persona, I instantly unveil myself." Isn’t it a lovable remark!

Arising from this memorable doctrine, Sri Goswami Maharaj affirmed at dawn, “Japiye Naam Roop Binu Dekhe. Aavat Hridaya Sneh Bisekhe”; Or on chanting His name which does not require His physical presence, we cross a threshold of awareness that the Lord exists intensely in our hearts when we sing His praise and dwells in our longing for Him. This is simply the only means to satiate our quest for the divine.

Ravana, the demon king, had dispatched two envoys to keep a track of Vibhishana. Disguised, they mingled with the monkey army. Perceiving Sri Ram’s admirably rare persona, they were compelled to give up a life of deceit. The demons raved about Sri Ram’s gentle generosity and sang his glories, going back to Ravana.

Bharat Milap

Sri Ramji’s flower-like delicate feet had to trudge on pebbled, thorny forest paths because of his brother Bharat. When he came to meet them, Sri Laxman lashed out in fury but Sri Ramji, the adulated darling of everyone, sang of Bharat’s lovable grandeur, overwhelmed by love for His younger brother. Ramji has no apprehensions whatsoever about mistrust. A repository of kindness, He showers love; fondly doting on his devotees with loving tenderness.

Pootna Vadh

Pootna, the demoness, ventured to kill Lord Krishna by suckling Him at her poison-laced breasts but attained salvation by the soft-hearted Braj Sundar just like Yashoda Maiya. Sri Pad Shukdevji endorses that abandoning such compassionate mercy we have no other recourse. Dulari, He is not merely kind but hungry for dedicated devotion. Exactly as we can not survive by relying on mercy…we long for love. I can certainly swear that only He knows how to love selflessly… none else. Steeped in the love of the Lord; aching with hunger for reaching a state of oneness with the divine, we attain salvation. Sri Ramkinkarji states…one who can understand His loving tenderness, can not possibly survive without perfected devotion or adulated meditating upon the Supreme Being.

Offer your worldly desires and earthly attachments at the lotus-feet of the Lord and get rid of all anxieties.

Today Thakurji is resplendent on a white sheet; dressed in natural-hued garments made of cots wool and embroidered with the same coloured wool. These clothes have been newly made.

With love,

Yours own Usha.


sungazer said...

These paintings at the articles on this website are really amazing, great work!! In what language and where are the hardcopy books available for purchase? Also, what was BoboJi's opinion of Vaishnab saints like Ananta Das Babaji, Haridas Shastri, Srila bv prabhupada, syamdas hakim, and other Gaudiya Vaishnab acharyas? For me, I have learnt from iskcon and Gaudiya math both. Also, has Boboji in particular commented on Manjari bhava?

HariHarji said...

Boboji meets great sadhus and saints in chap
ters 23 and 33 of 'Braj Vaibhav ki Apoorv Shri Bhaktimati Usha Bahenji' her biography which is given on my blog. There is a reference to the manjari bhava in Lalita Chhat of 2010 given under monthly announcements in the index of the blog.

Happy reading,
Jai Radhe-Shyam

sungazer said...

Thank you for your reply. I had posted another reply in the Karnamritam section but perhaps it didnt get posted. Please HariHarji, is the full Karnamritam available in pdf format? And were the letters written in hindi or english by boboji. Also, I know we are on the 60th sloka, and the total is 112! Also, any other downloads in pdf would be very much appreciated. thank you, Hare Krsna!

HariHarji said...

The letters in Prem Sudha Dhara have been written in Hindi by Boboji to her close friends. There is no PDF file, you'll have to read all content on the net.