Monday, December 8, 2014

'Shri Krishna-Karnamrita:' Seventy-ninth Shloka

so 'yam vilasa-murali-ninadamritena,
udashcitam idam mama karna-yugmam |
me nayana-bandhur ananya-bandhor-

Simple Meaning:

The Nectar of Krishna's Flute

 Here comes my very life Krishna! The one who has germinated the bliss in my heart with the beauty of His playful sidelong glances. This only friend of mine, sprinkles my perked-up ears with the nectar of His sportive flute.

Rasa-laden Commentary:

Krishna Motivates Me to Go to Vrindavana

He is the same spiritual preceptor of mine, wearing a peacock feather in His hair, who has taken me out from the mire of sensual enjoyment and motivated me to go to Vrindavana. He is my only friend.

Love Gushes Forth in My Heart with Krishna's Flute-Play

 Who is sprinkling the inner core of my heart with the melodious sound constantly emanating from His flute play while Krishna Himself is sporting, dancing and adorned with the flute. This nectarine flute play is making the rasa of love gush in my heart.

The Gopis are Captivated by Krishna's Flute Song
nishamya geetam tad ananga vardhanam |

When the young women of Vrindavana heard Krsna's flute song, which arouses romantic feelings, their minds were captivated by the Lord. The same flute song I am hearing. This sound is introducing us to and setting the mood for some new romantic dalliance. My ears are perked up and keen to absorb the rasa which goes on filling them. This thirst is unfathomable and bottomless like an ocean.My eternal desire to behold Him has compelled Krishna, the ocean of love to come close. The means to quench this thirst is to have an ardent longing.

Dark-hued Krishna Advances Towards Billavmangalji

 Shri Billavmangalji says that Lord Krishna is watering every pore of my body with His flute song.Showering affection and love He is coming towards me.

How is this rippling flute play:

 Gopi Geet:

surata-vardhanam soka-nasanam
svarita-venuna susöhu cumbitam
itara-raga-vismaranam nrnam
vitara vira nas te ‘dharamrtam ||
(Gopi Geet, text 14)
'O hero, kindly distribute to us the nectar of Your lips, which enhances conjugal pleasure and vanquishes grief. That nectar is thoroughly relished by Your vibrating flute and makes people forget any other attachment. '

Krishna's Sidelong Glance

ananda-kandalita-keli-kataksha-lakshmih : Elated and ecstatic, the ocean of delight is coming. Every fiber of this ocean of nectarine beauty is brimming with the rasa of bliss. His playful sidelong glance is spreading some new joy.

 The World is a Void Without Krishna

 Who is this who fills my perked-up ears with some intoxicating longing? it is the same sportive Krishna who is circulating the rasa of love in every fiber of my being. This ocean of bliss is rippling before my eyes. He is my only friend without whom this entire world is a big void for me.He is truly supreme lover.

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