Monday, May 19, 2008

Soon after listening to the Sunderkand at Chitrakoot!

Renowned Saint, Murari Bapu, recites the Sri Ram Katha at Chitrakoot and 'Sanskar' channel has a live telecast on it. Hearing His moving interpretation of the Sunderkaand on Shivratri, I nostalgically remember, verses 88-103 from the Balkaand woven around the divine Bhagwan Shivji-Parvatiji vivah. It is the 6th of March, 2008, at the Holy Dham of Vrindavan.

Since Hanumanji is the incarnation of Lord Shiva, after listening to Murari Bapu, a comparison between Sunderkaand and Balkaand's 88-103 verses is inevitable. The eternal truth that Goswami Tulsidasji 's Sri Ramcharitmanas's each verse is simply wonderful ...let us bow to the lotus feet of Gita, Ramayana and Bhagavatam most humbly be it the Balkaand or the Sunderkaand.

  • In the Sunderkaand Jaat Pawansut Devanh Dekha (1/2) implies that sub-Gods are invariably selfish and not benevolent. Similarly in the Balkaand during the divine Bhagwan Shiv-Parvatiji vivah, Lord Shiva questions Devtas as to why they have come to Him? (Before doha 88)
  • Whatever Hanumanji does is to please His Isht Ramji .. Ragupati Priya Bhaktam at the start of Sunderkaand or Chaleu Harshi Hinya Dhari Raghunatha, choupai 2/1 or Hridayn Rakhi Kosal Pur Raja 1/4 ...Similarly in the Balkaand, choupai 2/ 88 , Lord Shiva agrees to the Gods' demand for marriage because earlier Ramji had desired so, implying whatever Shivji does is to please His Isht Ramji --that's why Saint Ushaji always emphasized on the sheer divinity of Bhagwan Shiv -Parvatiji vivah or the Sunderkaand.

A handful of fake-spiritualists suggest that Lord Ramji has no form or He is Nirakar but Goswami Tulsidassji personally perceives Him or has sakshat darshan of Ramji, doha 45 in the Sunderkaand:

  • So enchanting an appearance --Naynand Daan Ke Data, Ram Chhavidham Bloki
  • Large Arms With Red Lotus Like Eyes and A Bluish Vapu
  • Broad Shoulders Like A Lion And Such A Attractive Face.

So let us implore God to be blessed with divine eyes like Goswami Tulsidassji's or His 21st century incarnation, Murari Bapu to behold this SAKAR, most enchanting form of Ramji.

In the same fashion during the Balkaand, Doha 2/91Goswami Tulsidassji personally observes or has sakshat darshan of the majestic Shivji replete with:

  • Matted Locks And Serpents As Ornaments
  • Three Eyes, A Crescent on His Charming Brow, river Ganga and Damaru.
  • Throat full of poison which was so kindly absorbed by Shivji during era-churning. Though His attire is unconventional, Shivji is the embodiment of Blessings ( Asiv Vesh, Shiv Dham Kripala )

-- In Sunderkaand, at many instances, for example the start Shantam .Mayamanushyam Harm or in Doha 20 Jakein Bal Biranchi HariI Eesha, Tulsidassji at times says Vishnuji and sometimes utters Hari meaning thereby that both are identical. Similar is the case in Balkaand, Doha 92-93 ...divine lap of God Sri Hari or Lord Shiva and let us bow to the lotus feet of Gita, Ramayana and Bhagavatam most humbly.)

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