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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita' : Sixty-eighth Shloka

marah svayam nu madhura-dyuti-mandalam nu,
eva nu mano-nayanamritam nu |
nu mama jivita-vallabho nu,
'yam abhyudayate mama locanaya ||68||

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna is Likened to the Kadamba Flower

 Is He Cupid personified, having the effulgence of a kadamba flower? Or is He sweetness itself, the nectar for my mind and eyes? Is He the adolescent Krishna who loosens my braided hair, the beloved of my life and soul, who Has manifested in front of my eyes?

Rasa-laden Commentary:

Lord Krishna Manifests in Front of Billavmangalji

 Absorbed in the sakhi bhava Shri Billavmangalji was adulating Krishna, his life's beloved, in the previous shloka but he was not able to feel Krishna from very close.Thus he is very distressed because Krishna's beauteous form manifests for a short while and then disappears.

However, dark-hued Krishna has manifested in front of him now, and Billavmangalji is able to behold Him, face to face.

Kamadeva, the god of Love

marah svayam nu: The effulgence sparkles in front of his eyes...extremely delighted Billavmangalji wonders all of a sudden...Has Kamadeva himself incarnated. No, no he can not be so captivating! Then Who is it? Ah, I have figured out

The Sweet Effulgence of Krishna

madhura-dyuti-mandalam nu: is sparking in front of me. However, it is not just a sweet effulgence but madhurya or sweetness incarnate. Nectar has assumed a form and manifested for Billavmangalji's eyes and mind.

Ocean Water Drained off From Shells

 Who can possibly describe Lord Krishna's grace. It may be possible for the ocean to be drained off from sea shells but it is impossible to give a complete description of even one rippling wave of this charming Ocean's beauteous form.

Krishna is Cooling like Millions of Moon

'surya koti samprabh,chandra koti susheetal: Even on being dazzling like millions of radiants suns the effulgence of Lord Krishna's limbs is more cooling than millions of moons. Is this madhurya or sweetness? Or has madhurya personified and arrived? Or else has nectar incarnated for my eyes and mind?

Lord Krishna, the Ocean of Eternal Bliss

 Beholding Krishna face to face, Shri Billavmangalji is presenting various reasonings like an insane man.

"Rising in front of my eyes,who is this spreading radiance all around?

"Has this blue-hued lustre manifested in front of me?

"This brilliant lustre is so desirable, dear, charming and fickle! It is stirring sweetness in my life and soul.All my senses are plunging in Krishna, the sweet blue ocean of bliss. This sweet nectar is filling every fiber of my being with fresh thrills of rapture."

Krishna,Billavmangalji's Beloved 

 "mama jivita-vallabho nu: Krishna is the beloved of my life and soul. He is the one who braids the hair of gopis or makes their hairdos," exults Billavmangalji.

"He is some wonderful charming elixir who has risen in front of my eyes."

Lord Krishna is accomplished in 64 kinds of arts called 'chausath kalas'. thus: he is adept in braiding hair as well. During the 'Rasa Lila when Lord Krishna took Priyaji or His belove Radha and vanished, He selected flowers on His own and braided Priyaji's hair, stringing them with flowers.

Lord Krishna Braid's Radharani's Hair

Peeved at Lord Krishna's disappearance the gopis say:

kesh prasadhanam tvatra kaminyah kamina kritam |
tani chudhyata kantamupvishtmih dhruvam ||

which means:

'He has has decked Priyaji's hair with multi-coloured flowers and as He fashions Radharani's head-ornament, Krishna is sitting here, for certain.'

Lord Krishna Himself affirms:

'venu gunthi kaha kou jane meri see teri saun |
bich-bich phool set-peet rate, ko kari sakai, airee saun ||'

which means"

"I have fashioned the braid with colourful flowers, nobody can make such a beautiful braid like Me."

 Forever Youthful Krishna 

Shri Billavmangalji is beholding this divine play and reaching the heights of elation and ecstasy. He exults, " He who is the wealth of my life is standing in front of me, He is the one who is Vallabh or my life's beloved! This lovable Youth is like nectar to my eyes. He is my very essence."

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