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Diary 4 of Divine Great Saint Ushaji: 10am to 11am

At present my aim is is to jot down Great Saint Ushaji's activities after 10 am daily at the holy Dham of Vrindavan.

Sri Vrindavan

Compared to the hectic time schedule since 3.30 am in the morning, the hour up to 11 am was relatively relaxed and flexible. If no visitor dropped in, Saint Ushaji would just lie down for a few minutes, while Vijayji or I went to Mathura Market for various errands. But more often than not, great Saints would call upon Her.

For instance, often revered Dharamji (at holy feet of poojya Dharam Bahinji), Santoshji (on 15th Nov , 2005) or Manohar Bhaiyaji (Affectionate Saint : Sri Manohar Baba )or Lalitji (21st book is ........ ) often came.

Revered Bobo & Susheela Bahenji

As of now Saint Ushaji prompted revered Sheelaji to read leelas or the divine play of Lord Krishna from Sakhaji's collection. Sometimes Dulari Bahinji or Bhartiji would do the needful. This was predestined as from 1954 onwards, Sakhaji's (from Divine Gaulok ) arrival became a regular feature.

Lord Krishna

As a result the threesome, Ushaji ,Susheelaji and Dharamji reveled in the divine bliss of Lord Krishna's playful dalliance as friends.

I must clarify that Sakhaji was a divinity from Golok. For the first time Saint Ushaji had His vision on her birthday (30th July,1954)and consequentially began imparting Lord Krishna's lilas or divine play to the innermost circle of devotees popularly known as the parikar. In fact the sequence of her amazing incidents with Thakurji reveal that a sort of ancient Acharya Vallabhachryaji on the 'Gita' -Goswami Tulsidassji- Soordass Bhakti-yuga was being replicated in the Bobo era as well( 30th July 1925 to 20th Feb 1992 ). When great devotees of the Lord were incarnated they generally came together to form a parikar or divine group so that their time span on earth was not whiled away with worldly people but meaningfully spent in pious, spiritual satsang.

To quote from 'The Divinised Humanity:Saint Ushaji : '

"Her birth on 30th July, 1925 ------surprisingly, it is the Sravan month, which had the privilege to bring Rev. Ushaji on this corporeal land. And again, it is the same day and month when Sakhaji- a divine personality in celestial form, advents in the life of Ushaji to reveal the esoteric secrets of Golokdham"

Hence invariably Saint Ushaji's birthday, 30th,July 1954, was a medley of many festivals apart from Her and Sakhaji's appearance Day.

Shravan, the Month of Worshipping Lord Shiva

Often her birthday fell in the Shravan month of worshipping Lord Shiva and ushered in:

* Start of jhoolna-utsav

* Beginning of Sri Shiv -stuti

Last year 30th July, 2007 was on the most pious Guru-Poornima day, sacred indeed.

Coming back to my discussion in context with Saint Ushaji's activities after shringar at 10 am but before lunch-Bhog 11 am, I recall that after the narration of lilas was over, Saint Ushaji asked us to prepare tea or sharbat for visiting Saints as the weather called for. We had to fetch rickshaws for them, and were explicitly told to prepay rickshawallahs as visiting ascetics were often penniless. In this manner She used to train us as kids to deal with Saints, with extreme humility and get their blessings in return.

Maryada Purushottam, Lord Ram

Saint Ushaji's guidance was precisely of the Satyayuga era and it seemed She was Maryada Purushottam Ram; sheer honesty and fair dealings being Her forte.

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