Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hymn 204

Raag Kanhra

Shri Ram, Ma Sita & Lakshman

jo man laagaai ramcharan as |

deh-geh-sut-bit-kalatra mahan magan hot binu jatan kiye jas ||1||

dwandwarahit, gatmaan, gyaanrat, bishay-birat khataai nana kasa |

sukhnidhaan sujaan kosalpati hvaai prasann, kahu, kyon na honhi bas ||2||

sarvbhoot-hit, nibaryaleek chit, bhagti-prem dridh nem, ekras |

tulsidaas yeh hoi tabhin jab dravaai ees, jehi hato seesdas ||3||

Shri Ramchandra ji

If this mind is steeped in the feet of Shri Ramchandra ji just as it is effortlessly and instinctively absorbed in the body, house, son, wealth and wife ||1||

Lord Ram, the King of Kosala

In that case the individual will be freed from the tumult (of joys & sorrows), his arrogance will be dispelled and he will be engrossed in knowlege. Soon after, he will get detached from worldly pleasures in exactly the same way as (one detests)assorted khatais which have turned sour on being stored in utensils made of brass or those made of copper & tin. Why wont the blissful Shri Ramchandra ji,who is Kosalnath (King of Kosala)

The Four-Armed Lord Vishnu

and the four-armed *Shiromani (Vishnu) be pleased with such an (authoritative bhakta)and become dependent on him? ||2||

Shri Ram, the Slayer of Ravana

(The living being who loves the Supreme Lord's lotus feet in this manner, that same great person) works for the well-being of mankind, has a mindset without any drawbacks, solely savours the rasa of bhakti and is steadfast in following religious observances; but O Tulsidas! This ecstatic state can only be attained when Svami (Shri Ram ji), the slayer of Ravana showers his grace, on being pleased ||3||

khatais: eggless, light and crisp biscuits

shiromani: a jewel worn on the head, a title of the Supreme Vishnu

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