Monday, January 22, 2018

Prem Rasamrit Dhara Letter No:13

Shri Dham Vrindavan
Priya Uma,

"Krsne matir astu" ["Let your attention be on Krsna’s feet!"]."

The Roop of Lord Krishna

The beauteous form or roop of the Supreme Lover is sufficient for guiding us on the spiritual path. The madhuri or sweetness of every limb of Krishna’s attracts the capricious black bees of our minds. Just by thinking about His ineffable beauty makes us move in a delicious anguish to His side. All that remains is being driven into a state of ecstatic frenzy by His ineffably beautiful form. There is no delay in Krishna’s roop being contained in one who is smitten by His dark blue form.

Meerabai Mesmerized by The Beauty of Dark-hued Krishna

Meerabai, a Rajputana princess and a devotee of Krishna was mesmerized and intoxicated by His dark-hued beauty. She ended up singing:

“Main roop diwani!'

( Krishna's roop has mesmerized people for thousands of years.)


His uniquely beauteous form makes Krishna more attractive than millions of Kamadevas. Hungering gopis, residing within the perimeters of pastoral Braja, are charmed by His dark form. There is a haat or open air bazaar on the sandy banks of the Yamuna in Braj. The Braj maidens-gems are the only customers in that bazaar; His form is very dear to them. Krishna’s roop demands relationship; only one who comes to Krishna as a beloved can  be abundantly endowed with that roop.

Krishna's Devotee is Detached from the Mundane Fleeting World

The beauteous form of Krishna is incomparable and wants to choose the one who is unequalled. Since time immemorial the nature of dark-hued Krishna is to choose a beloved whose mind is completely emptied of this fleeting world and its materialistic beauty.

Our nature is also the same but having forgotten our true nature that each of us has a relationship with Krishna has kept us in the dark. The instant we are freed from worldly bonds the mind gets mesmerized by Krishna’s beauteous form..

Lord Krishna, the Supreme Lover

Krishna is our Supreme Lover who is never going to miss an opportunity. Merely the delay in giving us an opportunity is making us conscious of the distance. Neither is there any distance nor delay, it is merely a figment of our imagination. Therefore when one is endowed with good sense, and an opportunity has been given to our mind emptied of the fleeting world, does one receive His panigrahan[1] or protection. One should keep one’s mind in a state or religious rapture by reflecting upon the lilas or divine play of Krishna who is our own.

Krishna & the Gopis in a Romantic Dalliance

The Supreme Lover is delighted, the beloveds are delighted, every endeavor of theirs' is full of frenzied passion, the sites of Krishna's dalliance are delighted, so much so that prakriti is delighted and being steeped in Krishna’s thoughts, the sadhaka is delighted. All other thoughts fall within the perimeter of ignorance.

We Belong to Dark-hued Krishna

We too belong to dark-hued Krishna and then it will become our very nature to be delighted. Therefore be rapturous, be extremely joyous by being engrossed in Him. Yes, there may not be delight in this world and there may be dejection. But of course be ecstatic on thinking about the Supreme Lover who has a tender slightly smiling lotus face. What else does one need?

[1] Panigrahan : protection of the bride, the daughter is handed over by her father to the groom's father during the Panigrahan (hand-receiving) ceremony

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