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'Shri Krishna-karnamrita:' Eighty-third Shloka

sarva-jshatve ca maugdhye ca sarva-bhaumam idam mahah |
nayanam hanta nirvana-padam ashnute ||83||

Simple Meaning:

Glorious Krishna

 Krishna, the personification of glory, has attained excellence both in His ominiscience and enchantment. Having entered my eye, He is enjoying supreme bliss.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Lord Krishna is Omniscient

 Lord Krishna is omniscient, He knows the subtlest of man's thoughts. He is sarvavyapi or omnipresent. Even on knowing everything Krishna is enchanted by His loving devotees.

He is SarvAntaryami or all-knowing. He resides in everyone's hearts, is the Soul of everyone. However, steeped in prema rasa that very Omniscient Being is enchanted and eagerly desirous for His intoxicated beloveds.

Krishna Manifests in Braj

Krishna's magnificent glory suffuses the whole of creation. He is the One who engages in simple innocent talk with His beloveds. This is the very same mass of blazing radiant glory which has condensed and come to Braj.

A Young Girl of Ahir Carrying Buttermilk

 In a fit of passionate love Krishna forgets His Godliness and that is why Ras Khan says:

tahi ahir ki chohariyan,chachiya bhari chach pe nach nachavain

which means:
'Such a One (Bala Krishna) is made to run by the young girls of Ahir for a glass of buttermilk.'
The person who calls out to Him with purity, He bestows nirvana or eternal bliss on him.

Lord Krishna is Contained in Billavmangalji's Eyes

 Shri Billavmangalji says that that very sovereign Glory is contained in my eyes. The One who is the apple of the Braj beauties' eyes, the One who becomes tender emotionally, is heart-stealing and fickle, has entered my eyes. He is the zenith of glory and madhurya or sweet love.

The peak of omniscience and enchantment has been attained by my adored Lord.

Krishna is Human & Divine at The Same Time

Both these opposing features can reside only in Krishna and in none else. His Name, form, gunas, lilas, abodes and parikar are all beyond the restraints of lokas and Vedas. By taking refuge in Yogmaya's illusive powers all His tasks are done.

Lord Krishna has Himself said in the Bhagvad Gita

janma karma cha me divyam (4:9)

'I appear to be a person
Like any one else 

My actions are also simple
Like any one else '

Chakravarti Samrat Krishna

 Shri Billavmangalji says that it is so astonishing that the Omniscient and enchanted Chakravarti Samrat, the glorious Krishna, has entered my eyes which means He is perceptible and is bestowing supreme bliss in the form of nirvana on me.

Krishna Having Meals with His Cowherd Friends

 Because of being fond of loving pastimes Krishna sometimes behaves like the Omniscient Lord and at times behaves like a mere mortal in love with the gopis. The 'Brahma Mohan' and other lilas are best examples of this concept. Amazed by the Lord’s simplicity and His close association with cowherds Brahma doubts the powers of the Almighty and thus decides to provoke Him. When Brahma sees Krishna having meals with the group of cowherd boys he doubts if He is actually the Supreme Being?So he steals the calves and cowherd boys. Lord Krishna searches for them in every forest like an ordinary cowherd boy.

Krishna Expands Himself as the Cowherd Boys & Calves

 Due to the power of Omniscience Krishna Himself expands as the many calves and cowherd boys and tastes the cows's affection for their calves and the gopis affection for the cowherd boys. In order to convince Brahma that all these cows, calves and boys are not the original the cows, calves, and boys who were playing with Him, Krishna transforms into Visnu forms. The grandeur of infinite Vaikunths can also be seen in this Braj region.

When Brahma is unable to see these grand Visnu forms Krishna takes pity on him and He sees Krishna playing the part of a small cowherd boy, searching out His friends, cows and calves, just as He was doing one year before, after their disappearance.

Krishna is a Mere Mortal in Love with the Gopis

 His omnisicience and Krishna mortalized with an innocence both of the enchanter and the enchanted have been simultaneously expressed in these lilas. Even on being fearless and immortal He experiences fear. Similarly, even though He is omniscient Krishna behaves like an ordinary mortal.There is a certain joyous ambiguity between His divinity and humanity. A mere mortal in love with the gopis of Vrindavan, Krishna forgets that He is essentially divine. Smitten by the intense love of His beloveds Lord Krishna forgets His godliness.

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