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Diary 10 of Divine Great Saint Ushaji: BARSANA

Every year after Janmashtmi, Ushaji ventured on a pilgrimage to Barsana for around 15 days for celebrating Lalita-chhath and Sri Radhashtmi. The eight gopis who are the chief consorts of Lord Krishna are known by the names of Lalita, Vishakha , Vrinda , Tungbhadra and so on. Lalitaji's birthday called 'Lalitachhath' is also celebrated just ten days after Lord Krishna's Janmashtmi ,in Unchagaon which is about 5 kms from Barsana.

I was fortunate enough to reach Barsana every year and stay with Her for around 3 to 4 days, making a note of Her daily regime.

i) The morning kirtan was followed by a holy dip in Peeli-Pokhar instead of Yamunaji . Her pursuits up to 10 am were the same as in Vrindaban ( 3.30 am to 5 am diary 1 of Divine Great Saint Ushaji ;5 am to 6 am diary 2 of Divine Great Saint Ushaji and 6 am to 10 am diary 3 of Divine Great Saint Ushaji )

ii) Soon after 10 am, She headed straight for darshan or glimpsing of the famous Sriji temple . If time permitted, She did parikarma or circumambulation of Gahar Van as well which takes about an hour. At times In the same manner She would proceed to Uncha-Gaon which was the birthplace of Lalitaji.

iii) Later on in the day after Sriji Darshan, Saint Ushaji returned to Thakurji for offering lunch-Bhog. The time she spent now was the same as in Vrindaban from 11 am to 4 pm as stated in diary 6 .

iv) Another distinctive trait of Saint Ushaji's trip to Barsana was the 4 to 6 pm assembly a regular feature at Vrindaban ( 4pm to 8 pm diary 7 of Divine Great Saint Ushaji ) . But sometimes independently , She proceeded to nearby pilgrimage sites and experienced many divine leelas from Sakhaji.

Let me clarify who was Sakhaji? He was a divinity of Gaulok , who had initially appeared before Saint Usha Bahinji on Her birthday (30th July , 1954 ) and started imparting Lord Sri Krishna leelas to the innermost circle of devotees popularly called the parikar.

Incidentally the divine events she shared with Thakurji reveal that a course of ancient Acharya Vallabhachryaji on 'Gitaji'-Goswami Tulsidassji- Soordass Bhakti-yuga was replicated in the Bobo era as well ( 30th July 1925 to 20th Feb 1992 ).Before Teacher's Day when great devotees of the Lord are incarnated, they generally come together in a parikar or divine group so that time spent on Earth is not idled away with worldly people but fruitfully devoted to true spiritual satsang . To quote from The Divinised Humanity : Saint Ushaji :

"Her birth on 30th July , 1925 ------surprisingly, it is the Sravan month, which had the privilege to bring Rev. Ushaji on this corporeall and. And again, it is the same day and month when Sakhaji- a divine personality in celestial form, advents in the life of Ushaji to reveal esoteric secrets of Golokdham" .

As far as Great Saint Ushaji was concerned, Thakurji-sewa alway held greater importance, way above anything else. Her actions after the 7 pm Bhog were generally identical to her schedule in Vrindaban ...8 pm to 9.30 pm diary 8 of Divine Great Saint Ushaji .

The above in short, sums up Her Barsana tour every year . RADHA RANI KI JAI , MAHARANI KI JAI BOLO BARSANE WARI KI JAI JAI .............. , let all of us bow at the holy feet of Sri Sri Radhaji .

Revered Ushaji always endorsed, "All genuine , very sincere devotees aspire to fully understand the true swaroop or persona of Sri Sri Radhaji, which can be likened to the milk of a lioness --. it just can't be preserved in any utensil -a special patra is necessary----it is only the kripa or holy grace of Saints and Lord Krishna which makes us eligible recipients of this nectar or divine bliss " .

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