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Baba Shri Manohar Das ji, the Pride of the Spiritual World-XXXII

Harinam Sankirtan
Revered Manohar Baba passionately strived throughout his life to keep ablaze the flame of Harinam Sankirtan lit by highly revered Shri Maharaj ji. Simultaneously with the objective of keeping the huge parikar strung in one cord, he auspiciously began the tradition of having sankirtan in Lucknow, Bhopal, Gurgaon and Delhi apart from Barwani.

Glorifying Lord Krishna with Devotional Songs in Barwani

It was his heart-felt desire that such mandals (groups) should be set up all over the country to do sankirtan (glorifying a deity with devotional songs) on one day every month, at some fixed place. He would himself go to the smallest of such arrangements and escalate the enthusiasm of those taking part in the sankirtan.

Singing Songs of a Devotional Nature in Gurgaon

His final journey taken for this very purpose was of Gurgaon and Delhi. In the last week of May, 2009, when he returned to Vrindavan after getting the sankirtan done for eight days in both these regions, he began getting fever. Baba had considerable knowledge of Ayurveda and homeopathy himself and thus he took his own medication.

But since he did not recoup, Dr.Chandresh Gupta, belonging to his parikar, got his blood and other tests done in 'Vraj Health Care and Research Centre'. It was found that he had tyhoid. Thereafter one illness after another assaulted him and gradually weakened his body. He had a lack of appetite regarding food as well. Dr.R.C.Parikh, a renowned homeopathic practitioner of Agra himself came to Vrindavan from Agra and medically treated him but there was no improvement.

Soon after the alopathic practitioners of Gurgaon and Agra gave the best of treatments to Baba but he did not recover, in particular. The bhaktas and followers of Baba prayed to him to go out of Vrindavan for specialised treatment but he refused outright. He was explicit, “ Now this physical body will not survive since its time ordained by fate is kind of over. I am not going to step out of Shri Dham Vrindavan and foray anywhere, as of now. Whatever medical care is possible here, do just that.” Seeing Baba's stubbornness, Dr.Chandresh Gupta consulted several doctors and taking their advise, began treating Baba, himself.

In such a dire state all the people connected with Baba were extremely worried.

Lord Shiva

Sushri Manju Tiwari (Maheshwar)had the religious observance of chanting the 'Maha Mrityunjay Mantra' (addressed to Lord Shiva, the incantation is said to conquer death) done by Pundit Rajesh Tiwari and some of his assisting pundits. But nothing undertaken proved beneficial.

In spite of this condition Manohar Baba remained absolutely alert, attentive and normal. On 19th August, 2009, he expressed a desire to hear that episode of the 'Mahabharat' from Pundit Mukund Sharan ji when

Lord Krishna in Hastinapur as a Peace Envoy

Lord Krishna had gone to Hastinapur as a peace envoy during the battle of the Kauravas-Pandavas. Revered Manorma ji had asked Baba, “Won't you feel intimidated on seeing Lord Krishna's form attired as a mighty warrior?”

The Madhurya or Sweetness of Lord Krishna

Smiling faintly Baba answered, “Scared! Just have a glimpse from my eyes. The scene is right in front. Where is madhurya or sweetness lacking? Krishna exudes madhurya through his acts and his gestures, his words and his flutes, his clothes and his sports. In fact Krishna who is madhurya incarnate, is wanting to show us all this.”

Vrindavan Bhava of Love Flowing Towards the Lord

Baba would always be absorbed in the charming realm of Vrindavana Bhava or love flowing towards the Lord. Pundit Mukund Sharan ji read the desired episode to Baba from the beginning to end. After hearing this section of the Mahabharat, Baba relished the rasa or sentiments of Vrindavan Bhava. He revealed to the people attending to his needs, “It seems my head will burst today with pain.” When his adherents asked permission to press his head, Manohar Baba readily agreed. Whereas usually he would not accept any person's seva or service.

Lord Krishna is Omnipresent

When Baba was asked, “ Why did he think or reflect so much?” he answered, “What can I do? I see Lord Krishna everywhere.”

Due to these adverse circumstances Manohar Baba clearly told everyone that he would not be able to live in this mundane world till the coming Radhashtami. After this revelation, all members of his parikar became extremely worried and perturbed. Baba was made to sit up with support of the wall when he wanted. He was invariably lost in thought most of the time. On 18th August, 2009 Baba was steeped in divine emotionality. Opening his eyes at times and closing them in quick succession was his condition for the entire day.

Manohar Baba Smiling Faintly

Baba opened his eyes at 35 minutes past 12 o'clock in the night and indicated to the people sitting in front that they make him sit up. He drank some water after sitting up and smiled faintly. Seeing the beaming features of his face it seemed as if the Sun God had just risen. He looked so very ecstatic.

Baba told the people present in front of him, “ Fantastic delight, divine delight. I want to remain stirred by the waves of this ocean of religious rapture. The body is in pain but on reaching the heights of elation and ecstasy, one does not feel the physical suffering. Remarkably transcendental delight.” Saying these words Baba was quiet. He kept relishing the playful dalliance of the Divine, as he sat in a state of frenzied emotionality for roughly forty minutes.

During this time span there was such an amazing and divine fragrance which circulated through his room that it can not be expressed in words. As soon as his state of divine madness got over, his eyes opened instinctively. After this he went to sleep and got up early in the morning at fifteen minutes past five.

Days and nights were the same for Manohar Baba, as of now. He would go to sleep and wake up at times. His mindset would change after every two minutes. Baba would refuse to eat the same foodstuff which he had desired to eat a short while ago. His bhaktas and adherents conscientiously looked after and served him round the clock,in this erratic condition. (pages 387-388 of 'Smriti Kaumudi,'the memoirs of Manohar Baba)

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