Tuesday, July 19, 2016

'Shri Krishna-karnamrita:' One Hundred & Sixth Shloka

yani tvac-caritamritani rasanalehyani dhanyatmanam ,
va shaishava-capala-vyatikara radhavarodhonmukhah |
va bhavita-venu-gita-gatayo lila mukhambhoruhe ,
vahantu hridaye tany eva tany eva me  ||106 ||

Simple Meaning:

Dark-hued Krishna Exacting Tribute from Shri Radha

Let those nectarous pastimes of Yours which are tasted by the tongues of blessed, highly fortunate Mahatmas; Your mischievous childhood pranks (such as laying in wait to obstruct Radha’s path for extracting tribute from Her) and the flirtatious gestures frolicking on Your lotus  face which are inspired by Your flute song, forever flow in my heart.

Rasa-laden Commentary:

 Adolescent Form of Shri  Krishna

On hearing Shri Billavmangal ji’s entreaty Lord Krishna says, “ O Lilashuk! May your speech sweetly progress as it describes the charm of My beauteous form, may you advance by meditating upon My adolescent form.”

"I just pray that all these sweet lilas or playful dalliances of Yours continuously surge forth in my heart, may their throbbing energy be constantly contained in my heart," replies Shri Billavmangal ji.

Supreme Lover Krishna with Shri Radha

“May Your sweet gentle laughter, slanting eyebrows and slanting eyes continue to manifest in my heart. May Your Rasa lila with Your blissful energy  Shri Radha in Vrindavan, keep frolicking in my heart with joyous abandon. I do not want anything apart from this.”

Forest of Vrindavana is Adorned by the Beauty of Krishna's Feet

‘apasya vrindavana-pada-lasyam
upasyam anyam na vilokayamah  
(22nd shloka, Krishna-karnamrita)

“I do not see any other object worthy of worship apart from Lord Krishna who is wandering in Vrindavana Forest, which is adorned with the beauty of His dancing feet.

Intimate Dalliance of Shri Radha-Krishna

“Bestow such good fortune on me that I always meditate upon Your intimate lilas with Shri Radha,” prays Billavmangal ji.

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Minakshi Aggarwal said...

Beautifully explained the wish of Bilvmangaljis in this shlok.lovely pics!