Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hymn 103

Raag Dhanaasree

Shri Raghunath ji, Lord of the Raghus

yah bintee raghubeer gusaaeen |

aaur aas-bisvaas-bharoso, haro jeev-jadhtaaee ||1||

chahaaun na sugati, sumati, sampati kacchu, riddhi-siddhi bipul badhaaee|

hetu-rahit anuraag raam-pad badhaai anudin adhikaaee ||2||

kutil karam laai jaahin mohi jahan jahan apnee bariaaee |

tahan tahan jani chhin chhoh chhaandhiyo, kamath-anddkee naaeen ||3||

yaa jagmein jahan lagi yaa tanukee preeti prateeti sagaaee |

te sab tulsidaas prabhu hee son hohin simiti ik tthaaeen ||4||

The Law of Karma

O Sri *Raghunath ji ! O Nath! I only request you to get rid of the foolishness of this living being who has hope, faith and trust in other means, gods or *karmas ||1||

Love for the Lotus Feet of Shri Ram

O Ram! I do not wish for active good fortune, good sense, wealth-property, *riddhi and *siddhi, lavish praise and so on. I merely want that my entirely devoted and purified love for your lotus feet should escalate to its maximum intensity, with each passing day||2||

A Turtle Does Not Abandon its Eggs

My evil karmas may forcefully take me to whichever *yonis,O Nath in those very yonis! Just as a turtle does not abandon its eggs, in precisely the same manner you must not leave your grace for even a second ||3||

Dedicated Devotion to Shri Ram

O Nath! As far as the love, trust and relationship of this body is concerned (with one's wife, son, family and so on), it should concentrate at one particular place and be solely focused on you ||4||

Raghunath: a title of Ram, Lord of the race of the Raghus

Nath: protector, a title of Ram

karmas: actions with its fruits and implications of merit

riddhi: prosperity

siddhi: spiritual power

yonis: the class into which animate beings are divided, consider by Hindus to be 84 lakhs

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