Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hymn 278

Raag Kalyan

Shri Ram & Sita With Lakhan, Bharat, Shatrughan & Hanuman

pavan-suvan ! ripu-davan !bharatlal!lakhan! deenkee |

nij nij avsar sudhi kiye, bali jaaun, daas-aas pooji haai khaaskheenkee ||1||

raaj-dvaar bhalee sab kahaain saadhu-sameecheenkee |

sukrit-sujas, saahib-kripaa, svaarath-parmaarath, gati bhaye gati-biheenkee ||2||

samay sanbhaari sudhaaribee tulsee maleenkee |

preeti-reeti samujhaaibee natpaal kripaaluhi parmiti paraadheenkee ||3||

Tulsidas ji Requests the Ram Darbar to Recommend his Vinay Patrika to Shri Raghunath ji

O *Pavan Kumar ! O Shatrughan ji ! O Bharat Lal ji ! O Lakhan Lal ji! Remember this poor Tulsi at times which suit you individually, (the moment an opportunity arises). I wish to take your misfortunes on myself. (By your grace) on doing so, the hopes of this eternally weak devotee or daas will be fulfilled and (Shri Raghunathji will declare my patrika or compilation of letters as correct)||1||

Goswami Tulsidas Wants His Compilation to Be Approved by Lord Ram

True sadhus have always acclaimed as righteous in the royal court, what is so distinguishing about this fact? But in case you people recommend this wretch who lacks protection, he will certainly get the refuge of God. All of you will be doing virtuous acts, will be renowned the world over and your svami will shower His grace on you (because He is instinctively pleased with those who are compassionate towards the suffering poor.)Both your self-interest and supreme aim of doing good deeds will be secured ||2||

Shri Raghunath ji Tenderly Loves Tulsidas ji Who Seeks Refuge in Him

Therefore on spotting the right occasion (the instant you get a chance), you just uphold the cause of this pure Tulsi. You must tell about this dependent devotee's love and explain its subtle nuances to the compassionate Raghunath ji who is lovingly tender to those who seek refuge in him ||3||

Pavan Kumar: a title of Shri Hanuman, son of the Wind God

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