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Prem Sudha Dhara: Vimlaji

(Page 201)

Selflessly Serving Lord Krishna is the Primary form of Devotion
Shri Hari

Shri Vrindavan Dhaam

17th June 1965

Dear sister Vimla,

With love, Jai Shri Hari.

Inspiration by the innately affectionate Lord Krishna will help me answer your queries.You ask," How an ardent entreaty can draw Krishna, the colour of the condensed sky? " Vimla, when an infant sitting away from his mother repeatedly calls out for her in a heart-moving soulful voice...nobody teaches him to do so.

Teary-eyed, brother Bharatji headed towards his adorable Lord Rama, to appease aching separation; unconscious of the mundane world. All of a sudden the enraptured call for Ra...m, resonated in the silent forest environs."Jabhin Ram kahi lehin usasa, Umgat premsindhu chahun pasa," the words of Goswamiji Maharaj must be chanted early in the morning. Bharatji perfectly exemplifies the cry of an impassioned soul for God. Charmed by the pathos of his ardent entreaty and honoured by his humility, Lord Rama was forced to appear before him. The most fortunate Shatrughanji, Nishadraj and others were also completed absorbed in this divine and transcendental love.

No one taught Bharatji and soon his eager desire radically transformed into an invocation. Shunyate jagat sarvam; the entire world was meaningless for him because of the absence of Shri Hari. Instinctively the terrifying rush of love broke the parapets of patience, contentment and satisfaction. Now the point is how can we take on this succour of full devotion?

Often I recall dedicated devotee Rabia's revelation in this context. Somebody once asked her," How may cries can please the Supreme Being.

Rabia took a deep breath and assured him,"Just one!"

The question arose," But mother, since when have you been calling out to the divine?"

Rabia's eyes filled with tears and she answered in a hoarse voice," For seventy years. But son, this time span is a mere rehearsal for the perennial quest of mankind for a divine and transcendental love. When it arises from deep within we find Krishna in the elusive fields and forests and streams which flourish in the human heart." Silent now, Rabiya closed her eyes and sat stupefied with her beloved Krishna residing in her eyes.

Crossing a threshold of awareness that Krishna exists intensely in our hearts when we sing his praise and dwells in our longing for him; unconditioned by his physical presence we attain parabhakti or perfected devotion. Rubia made this revelation for mortals; she had attained union with the Lord at the tender age of fourteen. As we extensively live out stories from the cosmic world of Krishna in poetry or sing kirtans or songs of a devotional nature, both become practised religion and the central expressions of devotion or seva Shortage of time hounds us until a sense of belonging makes us move in delicious anguish to God's side.

Precisely the same applies for seva or service to the Lord's svarupa which is distinguished from puja or ordinary honorific worship. In seva the devotee attends selflessly, without expectation of reward to the needs of the Lord and developes an all consuming intimacy with him. Laxmanji is the ideal symbol of servitude. Serving the divine for passing one's time or solely as a dutiful burden or due to fearful apprehension is not correct. The mind should focus on Krishna, the supreme lover, over and over again, knowingly and unknowingly. Offering a bhoga of water when one is thirsty is not seva though better than none.

Anxious concern that it is late and Thakurji be given water must be the uppermost bhava. Considering the heat and casting aside all work, home,sakhis, friends; knowing no other duty, no other loyalty, no other action...when our hands instinctively start fanning the is seva in the truly genuine sense. I remember an incidence but since the Ramayan Paath is about to begin will write it later.

Listen to the escapade. Once on an sweltering afternoon, Shymasunder with his head snuggled on Shri Radha's lap was relaxing in some nikunja. He fell asleep. Fanning him, Shr Radha was gazing at the adorable drowsy face. All of a sudden, enchanted by the sleeping bliss of Priya, she was lost in a haze of memories. During the rapturous state of this love trance the fan fell from her hands. When she woke up from this nostalgic Paradise she saw beads of perspiration on Kanhaiya's dark-hued body.

He was sweating profusely. She became restlessly uneasy with two tears trickling down her cheeks. Precisely at that moment, lovable Krishna opened his eyes and was distraught on seeing her weep. Getting up instantly, he asked the reason for this outburst. Shri Radha sobbed, "Priyatam! I do not want that enraptured love-state which makes me abandon attending on you. You are virtually bathing in perspiration while I delighted in the mazes and mysteries of our love-play. Bequeath to me the boon of selflessly serving you or personal seva, the primary form and expression of devotion." Nandnandan smiled and pacified Priya in his winsome manner.

Hence the exquisite desire for seva leads us to the deeper ecstacies of devotion as we assume a particular relationship with the Lord by glorifying him.

Okay then! Jai Shri Hari.

With love,

Yours Bobo.

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