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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Twenty-second Shloka

stanantaram yama vanantaram va 
apasya vrindavana-pada-lasyam
upasyam anyam na vilokayamah  

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna Dallying with Shri Radha

Leaving the One who resides in the heart of a Braj Bala whose bosom is painted with musky designs of leaves and sprouts, where should I go? Or which other forest should I go to except the forest of Vrindavana which is beautified wih unusual leaves and sprouts. I do not see any other object worthy of worship apart from Lord Krishna whose dancing feet are existent in Vrindavana.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Shri Vrindavan Vihari

Getting emotional while describing the divine play of Shri Vrindavan Vihari, Shri Bilavmangal ji Maharaj  says, "Leave aside the worship of anyone I will not even have darshan of any other god apart from Shri Vrindavan Bihari." He wonders when he will catch a glimpse of the sweet romantic dalliance of Lord Krishna? On appraising himself, Bilavmangal ji remembers the initial state when he was attracted to sensual pleasures. Considering himself to be a needy-destitute who is incapable and  unworthy he says, where on the one hand is this unattainable love play of Shri Radha-Krishna and where on the other am I steeped in wordly enjoyments. Becoming extremely restless Bilavmangal ji prays: even if I have to touch a beautiful woman again because of my wicked past deeds or have to wander about aimlessly in search of sensual enjoyments or wander from one forest to another after becoming a self-denying ascetic but my eager desire is not to see anyone apart from Him whose feet are dancing in Shri Vrindavan.

The Lasya Dance of Shri Radha-Krishna

I have offered myself to the fair-dark hued moonlike faces (of Shri Radha-Krishna) doing the lasya dance (which illustrates the emotions of love). They are my very life, they are the ones I worship and the gods of my heart.

 Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

kanha karo kanha jao, kanha gele krishna pao  |
(Chaitanya Charitamrita)
Just as we get to hear Mahaprabhu's words loaded with the anguish of separation from Lord Krishna, Shri Bilavmangal ji is exactly in the same state.The same ardent longing constantly stirs up his emotions and seems like a frothing river in the rainy season.

Goverdhan Dhari Krishna

karmabhi bhramyamananam yatra kavapishvrechhya  |
mangalacharitaidarnai rati nrah krishna ishvare  ||

Loving devotees are never attracted to wordly pleasures- even then filled with humility they pray that they may be born anywhere as per their deeds, they may be born in any species, they may go to any place but their mind must be absorbed in Lord Krishna.
Shri Hit Harivansh ji Maharaj exults:
yatrayatra mam janamkarmbhinaraketh parame padothava  |
radhikarti nikunjmandali, taratarta hadi me virajtam  |

The Nikunj Mandali of Shri Radha-Krishna

I am not worried whether I am born in heaven or hell according to the deeds of my last life.But the nikunj mandali or circle steeped in Radharati (Krishna who romantically dallies with Shri Radha) should forever rule my heart, is what I pray for.
In 'Hit Chaurasi' Shri Hit Harivanshji says:

 Shri Hit Harivansh ji Maharaj

raho kou kahu manhin diye  |
mere prannath shrisyama, shapath karaun trin chhiye  ||
'shrihitharivansh' anat sachu nahin, bin ya rajhi liye  ||

Therefore the greed to have darshan of Lord Krishna has been awakened in the mind of Shri Bilavmangal ji. Apart from the sweet adoration of Shri Vrindavan Vihari he does not want to cast his glance anywhere else.

Goswami Tulsidas

Shri Tulsi Das ji has repeated this implicit belief in his 'Vinay Patrika:'
kutil karam le jaen mohi, jahan jahan apnee bariyai  |
tahan tahan jin chhin chhoh chhandiye, kamath-andd kee nain ||3||

Jai Siya-Ram

My evil karmas may forcefully take me to whichever yonis.  O Nath! Just as a turtle does not abandon its eggs, you must not leave your grace for even a second in those very yonis. ||3||

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Minakshi Aggarwal said...

As Bilvmangal ji wants in his heart, Shri Vrindavan Bihari ji may bless us with understanding that feeling. You have picturised the same feeling in this shloka. The depictions in this explanation are excellent.

Thank you for translating the same and spreading the love for Shri Hari ji.