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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Seventeenth Shloka

mama cetasi sphuratu vallavi-vibhor -
mani-nupura-pranayi mashju shishjitam 

Simple Meaning:

May Krishna's Tinkling Anklets Pulsate in My Heart

May the melodious sound of bejewelled tinkling anklets adorning the lotus feet of Krishna, which is more enchanting than the warbling of white swans roaming in lotus forests of the Kalindi, manifest and pulsate in my heart.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

The Jewelled Anklets of Lord Krishna

While praying to Krishna's lotus feet adorned with jewelled anklets in the previous shloka, ardently longing for love Shri Lilashuk says with extreme humility-O Pranvallabh! (ruler of my heart) The very life of the beautiful gopis! It does not matter If I do not have the good fortune of seeing your lotus feet adorned with jewelled anklets. I will be so blessed and contented if just the melodious sound of those jewelled anklets become the ornament or shangar of my ears.

 White Swans Swimming in the Yamuna

Ah! Ah! How is that charming sound of tinklets; it showers nectar in our ears and makes even the extremely sweet warbling of white swans living in the lotus clusters of Kalindi, where Shri Lakshmi Herself resides and 

Shri Radha Dallies in Lotus Clusters of the Yamuna

 Shri Radha dallies in that very forest abounding with lotuses, appear inconsequential. Because these white swans repeatedly and respectfully try to imitate the sound of these anklets-

A Devout Muni

they are in fact devout munis roaming in the Yamuna. Resplendent on the branch of Vrindavan's kalpataru, they take the vow of silence and hear the charming flute play of dark-hued Krishna. Their warbling is not natural. It becomes even sweeter because they reside in waters of the Yamuna-dally in the lotus forest-eat the stalks of lotuses-despite this, their sound is trivial when compared to the sound of jeweled tinkling anklets of Krishna's feet residing in the nikunja.

Devotees Long for Krishna's Closeness

In the anguish of separation, the bhaktas and sadhakas longing for the darshan of their Ishtdev, forever meditate on Krishna's sacred feet-Ah! When will the wealth of our hearts Lord Krishna come close to us with His tender feet. Absorbed in this bhava, just as Shri Lilashuka's eyes long to catch a glimpse of Krishna, his ears  become eagerly desirous to hear the melodious sound of Krishna's tinkling anklets.

 Lord Krishna's Lotus Feet Are The Focus of Dasya Bhakti

Even on being devotees of the madhur bhava (having sweet love and total commitment for Krishna)the sadhakas of Vrindavan's madhur bhava are the supreme ideals of dasya bhakt (When the devotee relates to God as a slave.)All the bhavas are incorporaed in madhurya. When they ardently long to relish the rasa of serving Krishna with the dasya bhava, Krishna's lotus feet are the focus of their attention. In this love-struck state one experiences the delight of the tinkling anklets.

 A Lotus Forest

Well! How are the sacred feet whose anklets tinkle with this sweet sound?Ah!Ah! Just think how tenderly charming and beautifully refreshing are these frivolous feet. These auspicious lotus feet plunder the fragrant sweetness of hundreds of lotuses.

Krishna's Lotus Feet Relieve the Anguish of Separation

subhagsheetal kamalkomal agmataaranntarann, trividh jvalaharan-Once these lotus feet decide to foray into my heart there will be an instant circulation of coolness, sweetness and charm in my heart which is pained with the anguish of separation.

The gopis have said in the gopi geet

 Love-struck Gopis

We are carefully keeping your sacred feet in our heart but are apprehensive because this heart is extremely harsh whereas the softness of these feet is so very new.
(Shri Bindu ji Maharaj)

The gopikas have even said
shricharan vah ki jinke smaran matra se,
sab pranat praniyon ke maha agh talen |
padkamal vah hamare hriday par dharo
kamna sab haro, ham yehi yachahteen  ||
(Shri Bindu ji Maharaj)

 Shri Radha-Krishna Dallying in the Nikunjas of Vrindavan

Steeped in the sakhi bhava Shri Lilashuka wishes for the tinkling sound of anklets of the Yugal Sarkar, romantically dallying in nikunjas, to be contained in His heart. Even if I am not able to catch a glimpse of Shri Radha-Krishna's playful dalliance may the melodious sound of anklets, sounding during their divine play, become the  adornment of my ears.

This sounding of anklets is not just pleasing to the ears of sakhis but rather  pleasing to the harmony of sounds. It is indeed  the birthplance of harmonious sounds.

Shri Shri Haripriya ji says in the 'Mahavani'

suksham kalrav janya brahm par, ved tantra ko mantra |
vrindavan 'shri haripriya' nityavihar, svatantra  ||
andhri, abaj aabhushan rav kari, ketan kait lait avtaar ,
achal, achintya, agam gunn aalay, akshar te akshar adhikaar ||

 The Mystical Sylabble Om

 Which means-the tinkling ornaments of Shri Radha-Krishna dallying in nikunjas of the supreme dham Shri Vrindavan which is beyond the prakrit and aprakrit world, is the ringing sound of tantra. When this melodious sound comes out of the nikunja it articulates the mystical syllable Om which is the revealed Word identified with the Supreme Being. Kambeej is said to produce the aprakrit dham. The birthplace of that Kaambeej is the befitting melodious tinkling in the nikunjas. Therefore that is paramount and the nitya vihar or constant dallying of 'Vrindavan Shri Haripriya' is svatantra or independent.

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