Saturday, June 26, 2010

31st & 32nd Verses of Shri Hanuman Bahuk and Shri Ramraksha Stotra

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 31st Verse

Doot Ramrayako, sapoot poot baayko,

Samathh haath paayko sahaay asahaayko |

Baankee biradaavlee bidit baid gaiyat,

Raavan so bhat bhayo muthikaake ghaayako ||

Aite barhe saaheb samarthko nivaajo aaj,

Seedat susevak bachan man kaayako |

Thoree baanhpeerkee barhi galaani Tulsiko,

Kaun paap kop, lop pragat prabhaayako ||

You are the emissary of King Ramchandra, the virtuous son of the Wind God, physically competent and the supporter of those seeking refuge. The tale of your splendid fame is renowned, the Vedas sing of your glory and a warrior like Ravana who is triumphant in the three worlds was wounded by your blow.

Even with such a greatly competent svami like you showering his grace, your most excellent sevaka (who attends to your needs) is grieved mentally, physically and by speech. Tulsi is very depressed about this slight pain of the arms.Your visible effect has vanished due to which sin of mine or anger.

Shri Ramraksha Stotra: 31st Verse

Dakshiney Lakshmano yasya vaame cha janakaatmajaa I

Purato marutir yasya tama vande Raghunandanam ||

I pray to Raghunathji (Rama, lord of the Raghus) who has Lakshmana posited on his right, Sita on his left and Hanumanji resplendent in front.

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 32nd Verse

Devee dev danuj manuj muni siddh naag,

Chote barhe jeev jete chetan achet haain |

Pootna pisaachee jaatudhaanee jaatudhaan baam,

Ramdootkee rajaai maathe maani lait haain ||

Ghor jantra mantra koot kapat kurog jog,

Hanoomaan aan suni chaarhat niket haain |

Krodh keeje karmko prabodh keeje Tulseeko,

Sodh keeje tinko jo dosh dukh dait haain ||

Gods and goddesses, demons, humans, sages, accomplished siddhas and snakes; big plus small rooted plus living beings,along with demoness Pootna, the devious rakshasas and rakshasis, all of them implicitly obey the command of Pavan Kumar (Hanumanji), an envoy of Rama.

Horrifying magic, deceit, fraud and the onslaught of wretched diseases leave their stand on listening to Hanumanji's appeal. Be furious on my evil deeds, give advise to Tulsi, and rectify the vices which give us sorrow,

Shri Ramraksha Stotra: 32nd Verse

Lokaabhi Ramam rana rangdheeram

Rajeev netram Raghuvansh naatham

Kaarunya roopam karunaa karantam

Shri Ram Chandram Sharanam prapadye ||

I take refuge in the Ramchandraji who is most handsome to look at in all lokas, steadfast in tactics of battle,lotus-eyed,a protagonist amongst the race of Raghus,an icon of compassion and a reserve of mercy.

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