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Prem Sudha Dhara: Vimlaji

(Page 242)

Dark-hued Krishna Swings Shri Radha on a Jhulan
Shri Hari

Shri Vrindavan Dhaam

16th August 1975

Dear Vimla,

With love, Jai Shri Hari.

Reading your affectionate letter reminds me of an incidence I can write about but can't see your haughty expression. Although no one can possibly equate the Supreme Being, I shall narrate the episode lest it be forgotten .

Once Shri Radha sulked and Lord Krishna had a tough time pleasing her. He tried to placate her with his ardent entreaties and winsome manners but the adamant Kishori's vexation did not melt away. Finally Shyam Sundar left, certain that Priyaji distressed on not seeing him would cool down naturally. And this is precisely what happened. She stepped out of the forest bower, sure that he would come soon but was bewildered when he didn't.

She timidly requested Shri Lalita,"Lalite! You go and get Priyatam. I swear never to sulk now onwards." Feigning irritability, Lalitaji flared, " Under no condition am I going. Whenever Krishna comes you turn away, utter harsh words and don't adulate him. And when not in sight, your heart is enthused with exultation for him. Your voice and entire persona are absorbed in the terrifying rush of love, entreating us to call him. What is the reason for this idiosyncrasy? I will not get Krishna or the same scenario will be repeated."

Shri Radha whined helplessly,"No sakhi! I won't but what can I do? When the Lord arrives, pride and conceit also come along and when he leaves they vanish with him. Why don't you give a suggestion?"

'Thore mahan samujhahin sayanen.'' You must have grasped the underlying essence of the amusing escapade. Isn't it absolutely true?.

The pleasant pastures of the rainy season are blossoming these days. Braj maidens elated with the arrival of sawan (fifth month of the Hindu lunar calendar,July-August),exquisitely desirous for enjoying the swings, headed toward their beloved Kishori. Shri Radha also welcomed them with fervent enthusiasm. Soon after,the sakhis appealed," Sain kam ki layo, so savan aayo! Chal sakhi jhuliye surat hindore, keeje Shyam man bhayo."

Priyaji understood, her attractive face adorned with a lustrous smile. Veiling her passionate feelings, she stood up and accompanied them. The sakhis had put up a swing at a beautiful nikunja, a sort of wild sylvan hideaway. Brajraj Sundar had not yet arrived but everyone knew he could not resist the offer. However he had not been informed about their whereabouts.

Anyway they posited young Shri Radha on the swing. The sakhis swung alongside by turns, rocking her alone at times; looked around with delicious anguish. The mellifluous songs of the sakhis enthused the entire forest. They sang malhar (name of a ragini sung in the rains) in a high pitch. Lost in the rendition, they pushed the swing; nostalgic about the mazes and mysteries of their love-play which rotated around none else than Krishna, the supreme lover.

Steeped in his thoughts, the herd did not have the slightest inkling when the dark-hued Vanamali (wearing a garland, a title of Krishna) stepped out of the thicket, stood behind Priyaji and began swaying the swing forcefully. Kishori Radhika was startled and turned her neck to have a look...Ah! Krishna, the paragon of sweetness, her teasing, elusive and insistent paramour looked radiant. A deep blush suffused Shri Radha's fair complexioned face and a tenderly soft smile played on her soft lips. Before the sakhis were alert, the mischievous Kishore violently hugged Priyaji with thrusts of ecstasy. Soon after he made all of them savour his passionate love, in various ways, turn wise.

Guess what! He stood on the swing board and began scaling great heights. Shri Radha was scared of the swing's swiftness but Chatur Shiromani (a paragon of cleverness, epithet of Krishna) would not listen. Giving support occasionally with his muscular arms and enchanting at times with delightful talk, he made her oblivious of the scenario.

The sakhis instantly broke into the sweet passionate notes of malhar (name of a ragini sung in the rains). The handsome god joined in and sang simultaneously. Priyaji managed to recover from a stumble as the speed of the swing slowed a bit. Her sweetly charming voice sang a melody in the blossoming pastures and soon enough the entire forest was bathed in the joyous abandon of the ragini.

The world outside the bower had clouds pouring rain and the world inside the bower had love being pampered. Spirited splendour and exquisite beauty of this realm of the bower is eternal; the same passionate rhapsody and swings swaying Shri Radha-Krishna, and the sakhis is constant in the fabled land of Vraja.

Okay then, Jai Shri Hari.

With love,

Yours Bobo.

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