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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Thirty- first Shloka

capalyam eti nayanam tava shaishave nah 

Simple Meaning:

 Lord Krishna's Round Childlike Face

O Lord, my eyes are becoming extremely restless to see Your round childlike face; whose mass of hair is delightfully adorned with an ornament of peacock feathers, which is worshipped and adored by the lotus eyes of buxom milkmaids, and which defeats the moon and lotus with its beauty and other virtues.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Forever Youthful Krishna, the Supreme Lover

Shri Bilavmangal ji's eyes have become impatient to see the sweet young childhood of his supreme lover who is forever youthful. He says that your beauteous face with its clustered locks adorned by a peacock plume, which is adored by the young milkmaids in various ways and has triumphed over the moon and lotus, Your young childhood enhanced by the sweetness of your face is making my eyes restless.

Lord Krishna's Tenderness & Simplicity

How amazing! Well, are they the telltale signs of young childhood which is adored by the young beautiful gopis' lotus eyes...which triumphs over the radiance and loveliness of a lotus, which makes my eyes restless, churns my mind and raises a storm in my heart? No, not at all! They are an indicator of this every youthful supreme lover's tenderness and simplicity.

All Living Beings are Drawn by Krishna's Beauty

Shri Bilavmangal says that Lord Krishna's face is so beautiful, so sweet and so delightful? It is the wealth of the Braj maidens' eternal love and affection. Who is not passionately drawn on seeing this face of Yours? Forest animals, the birds and bees, the trees and creepers also ardently long to see You and fall at Your feet; so much so that even stones melt on seeing You. 

 Braj Gopis Adulate Krishna's Moonlike Face
Your mukut made of peacock plumes, curly locks worth falling in love with and buxom maidens of Braja worshipping this  icon of youthfulness with its moonlike face  which make even the beauty of the moon and lotus appear pale in comparison, with their lotus eyes;what is so surprising in this-it is very natural. In this mundane world it has also been seen that townswomen worship a triumphant emperor by their lotus eyes and showering of petals.

The Moon & Lotuses

Candraravinda-vijayodyata-vaktra-bimbe: *the bhava of this pada is that this beauteous face because of being marked by the lampblack of sakhis' eyes is bent on triumphing over the blemished moon and lotus surrounded by swarms of black bees-but it has not been able to do so.

Krishna Adored by Countless Braj Milkmaids

Pina-stani-nayana-pankaja-pujaniye: the bhava of this shloka is that there are countless buxom maidens surrounding Lord Krishna on all sides. Their eyes are being reflected in Lord Krishna's mirrorlike holy limbs which are similar to a blue sapphire-so it seems as if He is being adored by countless lotus eyes.

Lord Krishna the Youthful Natvar

In short, tormented by an ardent longing Shri Bilavmangal ji says that my eyes are restless to catch a a glimpse of Your ineffably beautiful and youthful form-with the ornament of a peacock plume adorning Your head. Inlaid with flowers Your locks of hair are arranged in a unique fashion. Your round face is cooler than the moon and more beautiful and tender that the lotus, and it is being constantly worshipped by buxom young Braj maidens' lotus eys. My eyes are eagerly desirious to see this youthful Natvar form of Yours which is so enchanting.

*Comment: the reason being that the lampblack has not got over and that is why it is said to be readily waiting to do so.

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Minakshi Aggarwal said...

Unka kishore roop,moonlike face,lotus
like face,aur bhi kitani sunder upma
hein iss shloka mein,Sh.thakurji ka
bahut sajiv chitran kiya hein ismein.
ye hi roop hamari ankhon mein rahe