Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Shiv Stuti [12]

Raag Dhanaashree

Lord Shiva as Mahadeva


kaam-mad-mochanam,taamras-lochanam,vaamdevambhaje bhaavgamaym ||1|

kanbu-kundendu-karpoor-gauram shivam,sundaram,sacchidaanandkandam|

siddh-sankaadi-yogeendra-vrindaarkaa,vishnu-vidhi-vandhya charannaaravindam ||2||


naaumikarunnaakaram,garalgangadharam,nirmalam,nirgunnam,nirvikaaram ||3||

loknaatham,shok-shool-nirmoolinam,shoolinam moh-tam-bhoori-bhaanum |

kaalkaalam,kalaateetamajaram,haram,kathin-kalikaal-kaanan-krishaanum ||4||

tagyamagyaan-paathodhi-ghatsanbhavam,sarvagam,sarvasaubhaagyamoolam |

prachur-bhav-bhajnam,prannat-jan-ranjanam,daastulsisharanh saanukoolam ||5||

I pray to the auspicious Mahadeva (title of Lord Shiva) who is conducive to our well-being, bestows delight on saints, is the husband of Goddess Parvati, the daughter of Himachal, and is extremely charming. The one who crushed the arrogance of Kamdev, is lotus-eyed, and is attainable by bhakti or religious devotion ||1||

The one whose body is smooth, tender, cool, fair and fragrant like the conch shell, jasmine, moon and camphor; who is an embodiment of salvation,and the root cause of beautiful divine bliss. The one whose feet are worshipped by siddhas, Sanak, Sanandan,Sanatan, Sanat Kumar, yogis, gods, Vishnu and Brahma. ||2||

I respectfully salute the pure, nirguna (beyond the gunas of sattva, rajas & tamas) and nirvikara (changeless) Lord Shiva to whom the community of brahmins is most dear; the one who is easily attainable for saints and difficult to attain by evil-doers; the one whose form is very fearsome; the one who is all-pervasive and surpasses the Vedas; the one who is the treasury of compassion and the one who carries poison (in his throat) and the Ganges (on his head.) ||3||

The Supreme Master of the lokas (cosmological regions), the one who eradicates sorrow and distress; the trident-bearer and the sun who annihilates the great darkness of delusion. He is the kaal (Shiva in his character as the universal destroyer and also as a personification of time) of whom even death (kaal) is afraid of, who is endowed with all the kalas or arts, is changeless, is the destroyer of the world caught in a cycle of birth and death and the fire which burns the forest of the Kali Yuga (age of spiritual darkness.) ||4||

Goswami Tulsidas

For draining out the elemental ocean of ignorance, this Tulsidas has taken the refuge of Lord Shiva who is forever favourable. Shiva is the form of Rishi Agastya, is omniscient, the root cause of all kinds of good fortune, the destroyer of the infinite world of life plus death and the one who bestows happiness on those who seek His protection.

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