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Baba Shri Manohar Das ji, the Pride of the Spiritual World-XIV

Sri Radha-Krishna in Vrindavan
In the year 1952, Deviji's father took Maharaj ji to Shikar Pur (Bulandshahr) along with his family. Revered Kusum ji, the sister of Deviji was immensely impressed by the satsang of Shri Maharaj ji, which went on there for fifteen days at a stretch. Alongside this awakened an ardently longing in her to reside in Vrindavan. By the grace of Shri Maharaj ji she also came to Vrindavan when she was merely 17 years old, after renouncing her home and family. While revered Ghansyam ji (who played the part of Thakur ji in the raas mandali ) completely came into the refuge of Shri Maharaj ji's feet, in the year 1952.

Manohar Baba Under the Protection of Shri Balkrishan Das ji Maharaj

Honourable Manohar Baba got the maximum affection and closeness of highly revered Shri Maharaj ji up until 1957. Baba was so restricted by Shri Maharaj ji that attainment of the Divine was given a secondary stand as equated to the constant company of Shri Maharaj ji, in his mindset. But how could a saint of the hightest order like Shri Maharaj ji who had such great loving devotion for God, possibly bear this fact. For this very reason, he initiated situations which would help Manohar Baba in attaining the Supreme Being and bring about Baba's salvation alongside.

The Badrinath Temple

In the Jeshth Month of 1953,Shri Ranhchod Das ji, a yogi saint of Gujrat, who was one with God and whose age was said to be 150 years, was about to go for a pilgrimage to Badrinath Dhaam along with a large number of bhaktas. Baba's mindset had begun to remain somewhat dejected and depressed, during those days. Therefore Baba resolved to undertake this journey to Badrinath along with Vitthal ji. Baba used to lament that he wondered why for the first time in his life he was wrongly urged to visit Badrinath, while abandoning the company of Shri Maharaj ji. The ordeal of being separated from Maharaj ji commenced from this very pilgrimage.

The same Baba who was reluctant of even going to the bazar by leaving Shri Maharaj ji in the Ganga Mandir, left him for a month and went on the pilgrimage to Badrinath. At that point of time, no one could believe that Baba could stay without Maharaj ji for a so long.

Sri Krishna

Baba would instinctively confess to us, “I did somehow visit sacred Badrinath for religious reasons but no one except Lord Sri Krishna can know of the painful suffering my mind went through.” Apparently Shri Maharaj ji also did not like Baba's sojourn to Badrinath. He revealed to his close ones, “I can not even imagine that Manohar ji can live without me. It means that I too can roam around alone, as of now.”

After a month, revered Manohar Baba completed his pilgrimage and returned back to Vrindavan after a month as scheduled. On coming here he came to know that Shri Maharaj had gone by himself to reside in a secluded place, without telling anyone a word. When Maharaj ji came back after two and a half months it was found that he had gone to Bikaner.

Radhanpur in Gujarat

Soon after, he again ventured to live in a solitary place without disclosing his whereabouts to anyone. It was found on his return to Vrindavan that Maharaj ji had lived in Radhanpur (Gujarat) during this long span of six months. (Page 364 of 'Smriti Kaumudi', the memoirs of Manohar Baba.)

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