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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Thirty-sixth Shloka

adhira—bimbadhara-vibhramena ,
harshardra-venu-svara-sampada ca 
anena kenapi mono-harena
ha hanta ha hanta mano dunoshi 

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna's Joyous Flute Play

Alas! Alas! You are tormenting my mind by the sensuousness of Your restless, beautiful red lips, inexpressible in words, by the melodious waves of Your joyous flute which is full of feeling and other such enchantments.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Shri Bilavmangal ji Beholds Lord Krishna

The ardent longing which Lilashuk had in the previous shloka to behold Lord Krishna & His divine play, solidifies and manifests before the  eyes of Shri Bilavmangal ji in the form of Lila Bihari. Describing the state of the heart on seeing that sweet image, Shri Lilashuk says, “Alas! Alas! On seeing Him my enchanted mind has become more eagerly desirous and agitated. Alas! What should I do now. This is some unique, unusual, inexpressible,incomparable, delightful, beauteous form which is tormenting my heart.

It has no comparison and no words to describe it:

man jaanai kai dou naina ,
kahibe ko nahin hain baina |

Lord Krishna's flute, is the Breath of Love

This charm is emanating from the melodious flirtatious song of the joyous flute played by restless red lips. These lips are not just loaded with the redness of a red gourd and the sweetness of a smile but they also have a flirtatious expression because of which they deviate from steadfastness and becoming intensely fickle. Filling the heart's elation and ecstasy in the flute, this fickleness of the lips is stimulating its melodious notes. Hearing this flute play, my mind is becoming eagerly desirous to actually behold Lord Krishna.

Gopis Rush in Delicious Anguish to Krishna's Side

adhira—bimbadhara-vibhramena: Shri Bilavmangal ji is enchanted, is charmed by the abundant sound particularly emanating from Krishna's fluttering lips, His features, sweet intoxicating bhava or feeling replete with facial expressions, a lovely face having a rapt exression. That abundant sound becomes joyous because of flowing from those pair of lips. Originating from the supreme lover's love fund, bound by the rhythm of seven notes, passing through the audible path of the gopis, it pervades the inner core of their hearts which is a supremely cool place, but their inner souls became restless because of this and just look ! They run, go on running and ultimately reach the proximity of the Flute-Player.

Kandarpa, the god of love

Is the sound which takes the sentimental joyous message of the Supreme Lover to these fortunate maidens, the brides of Braj, just a sound? No,no it is a joyful sound and rasikas have called it the central axis of Kandarpa, the god of love's realm.

kandarpa, shasan dhura muhurev shansanam vanshi dhvanirjayati

Shri Radha-Krishna, the Supreme Lover With His Beloved

Lord Krishna challenges Kamdev on this basis.When the battle of love begins in the field of love then this very sound becomes the resonating drums of triumph; it seems as if inciting the inclination to battle, it further accelerates  the feelings of Priya-Priyatam who are adept in love. This is the sound which destroys the pride of Kandarpa, the god of love. Kandarpa is scared on hearing this sound and flees, and then what remains is the passion which rotates around blue-hued Lord Krishna; a transcendental lust and a divine, spiritual romantic dalliance.

A Sakhi Drawn by Lord Krishna's Flute-Play

Shri Bilavmangal ji is tormented on hearing this supremely charming sound of the flute. Where at one end he is becoming eagerly desirous there at the other end he is agitated.

ha hanta ha hanta mano dunoshi
: Rasikas have called this the  frenzy of a state of religious rapture.

Saint Usha Bahinji Fondly Known as Bobo

Revered Usha Bahinji has expressed the bhavas of Lilashuk in her songs in 'Madhuras Nirjhar' in this fashion:

sunder! tumhare ang ki dhuti aur saurabh ki mahak se ,
shubdh sa man kya kare ?
madhu-madhur murli se pravahit madir svar jhankar se ,
vihval hua man kya kare ,
yeh shubdh-sa man kya kare ? 

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Minakshi Aggarwal said...

kitana sunder bhav diya iss shloka main sh bilavmangalji lubd bhi hain aur kshubd bhi.Apne pictures se aur bhi rangeen kar diya.
May god bless us to understand that bhav!