Monday, January 31, 2011

Vinaya Patrika: Ganesh Stuti

Raag Bilaaval

Shri Ganesh Stuti


gaaiye ganapati jagabandana | sankara-suvana bhavaanee-nandana ||1||

siddhi-sadana, gaja-badana, binaayaka I kripaa-sindhu, sundara, saba-laayaka ||2||

modaka-priya, muda-mangala-daataa. bidyaa-baaridhi, buddhi-bidhaataa ||3||

maangata tulasidaasa kara jore | basahin raamasiya maanasa more ||4||

Sing the glories of Shri Ganesh who is adored by the entire world and is the Lord of the Ganas (a troop of semi-divine beings that form part of the retinue of Shiva). The son of Shiva and Parvati, He is the one who pleases them. Ganesha is the seat of siddhis or spiritual power, has an elephant like face and is widely revered as the nayaka or remover of all obstacles. He is a reservoir of mercy, is handsome and gifted in every possible way.

The laddu is very dear to Ganesha and He bestows joy and grants our well-being. An imponderable ocean of learning, Lord Ganesh is the ordainer of buddhi or knowledge. Humbly Tulsidas ji folds his hands before such a Shri Ganesh and asks for just this boon that Shri Sita-Ram ji should forever dwell in the temple of his heart.

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