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Baba Shri Manohar Das ji, the Pride of the Spiritual World-XII

Therefore Baba and revered Devi ji would take turns in looking after Maharaj ji by keeping awake till midnight. Simultaneously, Baba would keep the main door of the Ganga Mandir locked. In case Baba forgot to lock the door, Maharaj ji would quietly sneak out. One fine day it so happened that while sitting on the Yamuna's sandy banks, Maharaj ji filled both his fists with soil and began to eat it. Strongly Baba caught hold of both his hands and stopped Bal Krishan Das ji Maharaj from doing so.

Shri Bal Krishan Das ji Maharaj

At times intoxicated by divine madness, Maharaj ji would bolt the door of his room from within.That is when an indefatigable effort was made and the door was somehow opened with a metal plate. Often, Shri Maharaj ji would enter a state of unconsciousness that would last for five hours. And alongside, he would be intoxicated by divine madness for twelve hours at a stretch. Manohar Baba used to say, “We were oblivious during this time span that there was some other mundane world. It appeared as if the entire universe was delighting in the joyous abandon of love for the Divine.”

The Playful Dalliance of Lord Krishna

The various kinds of playful dalliances(Lord Krishna's lila ) which incarnated before our eyes by Maharaj ji's emotional frenzy, is a matter which can not be bound in writing. Forgetting about our unworthiness, we can not help but admire our great good fortune.By living with Maharaj ji,the likes of us reached the heights of elation and ecstasy.

Banks of the River Yamuna in Vrindavan

Shri Manohar Baba took utmost care of conscientiously attending to the needs of highly revered Shri Maharaj ji. Once in Vaishakh Month(second of the twelve lunar months of the Hindu calendar,April-May) of the year 1947, Shri Maharaj ji was doing satsang (congregation gathered to worship and sing devotional hymns)with some of his extremey close people, on the sandy banks of the Yamuna when he became ill, all of a sudden.

He felt nauseatic and vomits started along with constant loose motions(diarrhoea). Everyone was rightly alarmed.Instantly Baba ran and got Dr.Hotichand but his medicine was of no use.Shri Maharaj ji was made to lie down on a charpoy in one of the huts.

Ganga Mandir in Vrindavan

Soon after, they got him to the Ganga Mandir, as he lay on the charpoy.There Dr. Narayan Das (Pran Jeevan Das) and others also came from Gyan Gudri (Vrindavan) but there was not the slightest improvement in Maharaj ji's condition with their medication. Thereafter, all the medical practitioners had given up hope of Maharaj ji recovering from his illness.

Rai Saheb, the father of Shri Krishna ji, also dropped in at twelve o'clock in the night. When the feeble state of Maharaj ji was revealed to Krishna ji, he went to the terrace and foresaw by religious contemplation. Coming down he affirmed, “Shri Maharaj ji can not leave us and he will regain his health, for sure.” Dr. Hotichand started his treatment and began giving homoeopathic medicine at short intervals of four minutes. Amazingly, the condition of Shri Maharaj ji steadily improved and he recouped. On this incidence,the doctors exulted that Shri Maharaj ji was not an ordinary person.

Lord Krishna Meditating

Baba was very concerned as at how Maharaj ji would be meditating upon the Divine when he was ailing? On asking Maharaj ji, he revealed, “There was a beautiful scene in front of me.” (page 362 of 'Smriti Kaumudi', the memoirs of Shri Manohar Das ji)

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