Friday, June 7, 2013

'Shri Krishna Karnamrita': Forty-forth Shloka

ashranta-smitam arunarunadharoshtham-
vikshishye tava vadanambujam kada nu
Simple Meaning: 

When Will I See The Lotus Face of Krishna

O Krishna ! When O when shall I be able to see Your lotus face embellished with deep red lips, constantly showering a smile, spreading the flute song which is doubly charming because of jubilation, with its half-closed eyes fickle eyes that open very wide at times and wander here and there.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Dark-hued Krishna with Deep Red Lips & Fickle Eyes

Shri Billavmangal ji has drawn a beautiful picture of Krishna's 'adharam madhuram' or sweet lips. This lotus face and its flower like lips are never weary. Gentle smilebeams forever keep dancing on it. Firstly the lips are deep red which would put even a red gourd to shame and on top of that the beams of a smile are flirtatiously playing in that redness. What is so surprising if the hearts of Krishna's beloveds are restive, their minds are helpless, their hearts are sort of looted by that red tender free smile, the centre point of accumalated sweetness? 

Capricious Lord Krishna and His Beloved Shri Radha

Moreover, they are those flower buds which have been moistened by the sweet nectar of the gopis and their most beloved svamini Shri Radha.These budding lips and that nectar have a mutual or reciprocal bond. The nectar of the gopis' lips is a intoxicating sanjivani for these budding lips of Krishna. These two lips are embellished with a constant smile and making some, no, gopis desirous for their rasa these red lips are so charming, attractive and intoxicating. The capricious black bee Krishna is greedy for the rasa of their lips.

Gopis are Drawn by Dark-hued Krishna's Flute Play

From those delightful moist lips the elixir of the flute play is cascading. That  charming flute song is not merely a sound but it enflames our desires. The melody of the flute kindles our heart but to cool the ardent longing it draws us close to the ever youthful blue-hued Krishna. Carrying the fire of passion in their hearts when those gopis arrive there in a delicious anguish that supreme flute becomes silent. Pointing to that site where it was resting and relishing the passionate intoxication, it is delighted and resounds.Then it comes into the girdle of the Supreme Lover's waist. By its behaviour it sets an example for them(the effect of those reddish lips is such; the breath of love and a call to eternity gushes forth from that bamboo flute)But the gopis relish that rasa and become silent. Probably it is an elixir which makes the talkative silent and the silent talkative.

The Intoxicated Half-closed Eyes of Youthful Krishna

Vibhramya-dvipula-vilocanardha-mugdham: They are huge fickle eyes but are not fully opened due to the weight of intoxication. They are blooming and jubiliant this is clearly conceptualised and proved by the world by 'harshardra' in the previous line; Krishna is enchanting us by the sidelong glance of His half closed eyes. Krishna is enchanted himself...He has just experienced the joy of his most dear beloved Shri Radha and is soaked in that memory. His beloveds have been drawn by the  manojsha-venu-gitam or charming flute song. Seeing them His eyes are filled with an passionate intoxicating drink. Thus radiant, charmed, enchanting and half-opened are the eyes of this ardently passionate Kishore. 

Shri Bilavmangal ji Longs to Gaze at Krishna, the Supreme Lover

Shri Billavmangal ji says,” when will I gaze at the lotus face spreading the fragrance of Krishna's flirtatious glance, with enchanting eyes, with its deep red lips constantly smiling, from which the charming flute song flows forth.


Minakshi Aggarwal said...

Very beautiful pictures!!
encourage & help me to read & understand the real feelings of the shloka.
Thank you!

Minakshi Aggarwal said...

Sh.Bilavmangalji ke bhav ko hoobhoo utara hai iss shloka main.Apne bhi
pictures se ese aur roop de diya.