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'Shri Krishna-Karnamrita:' Ninety-fourth Shloka

na 'dyapi pashyate kadapi na darshanaya
tatho 'panishadam sudrisham sahasram
tvam ciram nayanayor anayoh padavyam
kaya nu kripaya mama sannidhatse ||94||

Simple Meaning:

Upanishadic Sages Can't Get a Glimpse of Krishna

O Lord!Thousands of Upasnishadic sages, steeped in the bhava of Braj Gopis and having lovely eyes, have not seen you with their eyes or in their hearts even on making a conscientious effort. So by what great mercy of Yours have You appeared in front of me and come within the range of my distressed vision for so long?

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Lord Krishna

Endowed with a lovely vision like Braj beauties, thousands of guiding Upanishadic sages can not behold Your image in their hearts, but the fact that you Have appeared in front of me is solely due to Your grace.
Shri Billamangalji is amazed to behold the transcendental sweet image of Lord Krishna, and  is proud of his great good fortune. Ecstatic, he is telling Krishna with extreme astonishment:
What is this fantastic mercy of Yours that I am able to behold you with with these natural eyes since so long.

Krishna, the King of Shringara Rasa

Shri Lilashuk is saying that apart from the gopi deha, the body of a gopi, nobody can behold you as the king of Shringara rasa . How did you come within the range of the vision, of a wretched person like me?

Shri Pad Prabhodananda Saraswati says:

 Shri Radha

'kvAsau rAdhA nigamapadavIdUragA kutra chAsau
kR^iShNastasyAH kuchamukulayorantaraikAntavAsaH |
kvAhaM tuchChaH paramamadhamaH prANyaho garhakarmA
yat tan nAma sphurati mahimA hyeSha vR^indAvanasya
'Who is Radha? She is the goddess even the Vedas cannot approach. Who is Krsna? He is the beloved whose home is at the lotus flower of Radha's breast. Who am I? I am an insignificant living being entangled in household duties. It is only because Vrndavana is such a glorious abode that the holy name was ever given to a person like me.'
Seeing the Supreme Lover in front, Shri Billavmangali ji Maharaj has reached the heights of elation and ecstasy and says:
Even the multitude of Upanishadic sages who are the storehouse of gyan and bhakti, devotion and knowledge, and have been reborn as gopis, have not been able to intently look at You, and could not attain You. 
Uddhava Longs for the Dust of Gopis' Feet
 Highly knowledgeable Uddhava is also longing for the dust of the gopis' lotus feet. But I am beholding you, this is surely the fruit of Your selfless grace.

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