Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Shri Sita Stuti [42]

Raag Kedaara

Lord Ram with Wife Sita

kabhun samay sudhi dhaaybee, meree maatu jaankee |

jan kahaai naam leit haaun, kiye pan chaatak jyon, pyaas prem-paankee ||1||

saral kahaaee prakriti aapu jaaniae karuna-nidhaankee |

nijgun, arikrit anhitau, daas-dosh surti chit rahat na diye daankee ||2||

baani bisaaranseel haai maanad amaankee |

tulseedaas na bisaariye, man karam bachan jaake, sapanehun gati na aankee ||3||

Ma Janaki with Shri Ramchandra ji

O Mother Janaki ! Finding an opportunity, remind Shri Ramchandra ji of me, at some point of time. I am called his daas (devotee), chant only His name,

The Pied Crest Cuckoo

and like a papiha (pied crested cuckoo supposed to live only on rain-drops) I have taken a vow for Him, I am ardently thirsting for the rain of His sweet love falling in the autumn asterism svati.||1||

Lord Ram, the Reservoir of Compassion

You very well know that the nature of Ram ji, a treasury of compassion, is very simple; He just does not remember His own guna or virtuousness, the harm caused by a foe, the offence of a devotee and the gifts He has liberally given away in charity ||2||

Goswami Tulsidas

He has a trait of forgetting; He gives honour to a person who is not respected anywhere; but forgets even this fact! O Mother ! You tell Him not to forget Tulsidas because he does not have the support of anyone else by way of heart, vow, and karmas (action with its fruit and implications of merit) even in his dreams ||3||

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