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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita' : Fifth Shloka

madhuratara-smitamrita-vimugdha-mukhamburuham '
mada-shikhi-pishcha-lashchita-manojsha-kaca-pracayam  |
vishaya-vishamisha-grasana-gridhnuni cetasi me
vipula-vilocanam kim api dhama cakastu ciram  ||5||

May the Ineffable Beauty of Krishna Light Up My Heart

Let Him who is an embodiment of spirited energy having wide eyes like the petals of a fully bloomed lotus; whose charming lotus face is soaked by the nectar of an extremely sweet smile, who is decked with the haughty feather of a peacock's tail and endowed with luxuriant curly locks, bind my infatuated mind which is greedy to enjoy the poison of sensual enjoyments, and light up my heart.  (the devotee is bound by the beauty of Krishna and is in anguish on being separated from Him.)

The Rasa-Laden Commentary:
Sri Bilavmangal ji Maharaj prays to his isht (family deity) Krishna, over and over again, 'O Supreme Lover! May your blue-hued effulgence which is fascinating and inexpressible in words, light up the temple of my heart for all times to come. May your blue-hue shattering the darkness of my delusion, always glitter brilliantly.

The Madhurya of Krishna's Lotus Face Draws Us

 WellHow is your lotus face?Madhuratara-smitamrita-vimugdha-mukhamburuham: This lotus feet is sweet or rather sweeter than the sweetest, beacause it is embellished with a faint smile and is far more delicious than the rasa of nectar.

mand madhur muskan vadan pai, unmadak chitvan sarsili  |
                                                         (Madhurasa Nirjhar-page 90)

Your face is the blooming eight-petaled lotus with the rasa of nectar (abundance and creativity) suffused in every petal.

When will I be sweetly blessed so that my mind greedy to relish the poison of sensual enjoyments, is constantly immersed in the cascading netarous rasa of this lotus face.       

Krishna's Locks are Like Kamdev's  Flowers Arrows

Your lotus face is supremely attractive and enchanting in any case, alongside the crest of peacock feathers fluttering on your head, look so lovely? These waves of curly hair and the peacock tail feathers adorned on top, seem as they if they are the tassels of Kamdev's arrow. Therefore piercing my fickle mind with them, bind it.  Entangle my mind in the locks of your hair and captivate it says Shri Bilavmangal ji is Maharaj, making this humble entreaty.

As some poet has truly said:
mere baal mukund ke nikhre bikhre baal  |
bikhre man to bandhta, yeh bikhra kachjaal  |

May My Mind Be Focused on Krishna's Lotus Feet

vishaya-vishamisha-grasana-gridhnuni cetasi me: My mind is incapable of renouncing the pleasure of worldly enjoyment, just like a fish. Because it can not give up the greed of eating the piece of meat (a fish does not realize while eating the piece of meat attached to the hook that inside is a hook made of iron) But, O Ocean of Mercy! Just a fragment of your mercy can attract this capricious heart of mine with its beauty and madhurya, and is capable of firmly focusing it on the pair of your lotus feet.

The Wide Flirtatious Eyes of Krishna

vipula-vilocanam: Lord Krishna's eyes are wide and flirtatious. These eyes are, both the shiromani (supreme) and beggar of benefactors. The eyes of the supreme lover who is the destroyer of Kamdev's arrogance, are capricious, look like a lotus and are abundant.There is a sharpness in these large eyes which reflects absolute capriciousness. What is possibly the reason for this fickleness?

A Horde of Gopis Adulate Krishna

 Ah! Look there is a horde of gopis in front. Hearing the tinkling anklets of the Braj  beauties as they balance their water pots, the eyes of this amorous prankster are raised all of a sudden and lowered...yes, the lowered eyes open and these large eyes are locked in those countless eyes and are loaded with fickleness:

yuvati jan man phandna, ambuj nayan vishal ho: truly these large lotus eye are like a steadfast noose for the minds and hearts of young maidens.

man mohomo ree mohan nain bhaunh- vishal,
chapal avlokani, manhun nachavat maain |

 A Brajbala Dallying with Krishna

A Brajbala standing closeby remembered her helpless state of constraint and spoke up-both the lotus eyes of that discerning beloved shiromani, the pair of eyes which are like a fully blooming autumnal lotus, are the peak of capriciousness. In fact we are caught in that infinite whirlpool of flirtatiousness and it is not possible to come out now.

Shri Bilavmangal Develops the Sakhi Bhava for Krishna

Therefore Shri Bilvamangal ji by development of the sakhi bhava (of sweet and total commitment and love for Krishna) is precisely praying for this, over and over again, that endowed with wide eyes and adorned with a sweet smile, this lotus face is fascinating and enchanting-millions of hearts keep hovering over it like black bees, even then there is no satisfaction. For this reason may the lustre of blue-hued Krishna, embellished with a sweet faint smile,a charming lotus face, sporting proudly fluttering peacock feathers and a waving cloud of locks of hair, glitter in my heart for all times to come; so that I am easily able to give up this greed of tasting the poison of sensual enjoyment.

As has been stated in the 'Bhagavad Gita'
rasavarjam raso'pyasya param drishtwaa nivartate.

 A Tortoise with Withdrawn Limbs

When, like the tortoise which withdraws its limbs on all sides, he (man) withdraws his senses from the sense-objects, then his wisdom becomes steady.

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