Thursday, August 5, 2010

7th and 8th Verses of Shri Shiv Tandava Stotram

Verse 7
Karala bhalapattika dhagaddhagaddhagajjwala -
Dhananjayahutikrita- prachanda panch sayake
Dharadharendranadini kushagra chitra patraka -
Prakalpanaikashilpini trilochane ratirmum ||7||

Lord Shiva, the Husband of Goddess Parvati

May I constantly love the three-eyed Shiva who sacrificed the very powerful Kamdev into the blazing fire raging on the vast surface of His forehead; who is the Lord of Parvati,the daughter of the king of mountains, and has the expertise of drawing accurately detailed pictures.

Verse 8
Naveen meghamandali niruddhadurdharsphur -
Tkuhunisheethini tamah prabandhabaddha kan darah:
Nilipa nirjhari dharastanotu krittasindhurah:
Kalanidhan bandhurah shriyam jagatdhurandharah: ||8||

May Lord Shiva Make us Prosper

May Lord Shiva who bears the burden of this entire world and is endowed with the artistic crescent moon,who is adorned with the hide of an elephant, and is carrying the Ganges, the river of the gods, whose neck is darker than the pitch dark midnight of amavasya due to the newly gathered clouds, make us prosper in every possible way.

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