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'Shri Krishnakarnamrita:' Sixty-second Shloka

paripalaya nah kripalaye 'ty
kranditam arta-bandhavah  |

akarnayita kada nu nah  ||62||

Simple Meaning:

Krishna Engrossed in Flute Play

O friend of the distressed! I have just one cry, just listen to it. O ocean of mercy! Kindly nurture us-protect our lives by granting us the joy of beholding You. However, I do not know when the Supreme Being engrossed in the melodious notes of His flute play will listen to our prayer.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Krishna is a True Friend

 Shri Billavmangalji Maharaj says! O compassionate One! O friend of the wretched! Why don't you listen to our call, our lament. Does our prayer not reach out to You and if You hear it why don't you pay attention to it? Agreed that You remain absorbed in your mellifluous flute play but kindly listen to our feeble cry amidst its soft notes. O treasure trove of mercy! Please look after our upbringing. Is simply feeding us and giving us clothes to cover our body, good enough to nurture us! O Lord! O Master! O Essence of my life! Truly bring us up! This eyes are ardently longing since ages, quench their thirst by the nectar of Your beauty, these ears are keen to hear your nectarous talks. Console them with your doting affectionate words. My nose is asking for the gift of Your blue-hued beautiful body's fragrance. O generous crest jewel! Fulfill the need of every limb of mine. Every fiber of my being is begging for Your love. Do not delay now, irrigate us with Your fond affection, give us a new lease of life. 

Shri Billavmangalji Longs to Behold Krishna

O Master! When will you listen to my lament, to this cry, this prayer of mine loaded with inner anguish? Hearing it, when will you acknowledge the same. When will you protectively bring us up? O friend of the needy! I have just one call, listen to it-won't you! Kindly nurture us, protect our lives by letting us behold You, so that our useless life can also become purposeful. That is my sole request. When will you listen to it?


Calling out For Krishna

Lord! Kindly give my feeble cry a chance to gain entry into that soft soft sound of Your flute play! O Master! Supreme Being is Your name and You are self sufficient.

Sant Kabir
 Kabir very rightly said:
chinti ke pag nevar bandhe/ so bhi sahib sunta hai |
which means:
' The Lord is not deaf. He can even hear a bell tied to the foot of an ant!'

Therefore You are merciful and a Friend of the distressed whereas we are needy and burning in the anguish of separation from You. So fulfil our wish and hope. If You do not let us behold You in time people will suspect your compassionate nature.

Poet-Saint Shri Tulsidas

 The great poet-saint Tulsidas very aptly says:
samaya chuki puni ka pachhitane, ka varsha jab krishi sukhane |
which means,' there is no point in repenting after the time has passed. Of what use is rain when the crop has died.'

Lord Krishna as a Boatman

 Of what use is the boatman who gets the boat after the person suffering from pangs of separation from You has already drowned in the ocean of agony. If you give me darshan when I am no longer alive in this world then of what use is it ?

Ardently Longing for Krishna, the Supreme Being

 Kindly look after our upbringing in every possible way, from all directions, with our entire being and with full relish. O merciful One! Kindly come and nurture me!

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